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KJV Allan Longprimer Edition - Dark Green Meriva Calfskin


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R.L. Allan
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The video below shows the Allan Longprimer 53 Highland Goatskin and not the Allan Longprimer 52 Meriva Calfskin Edition. The type of leather and style of yapp are different (only a semi-overlapping yapp on the Meriva Calfskin), but all of the study features and text / cross reference examples will be the same in this bible.

Quite Possibly the Finest Large Print Bible Available, this beautiful edition of the 52 Longprimer is bound in a soft Dark Green Meriva natural grain calfskin with a generous semi-yapp cover, and is leather-lined in navy split calfskin, with gilt line round the inside of the case, and features double-sprayed red under gold art gilt page edges and three (light green) ribbon markers with white head and tail bands.

Revised edition includes our distinctive 8pp Presentation Page and Family Record as well as 32pp of navy feint rule Allan notepaper in addition to the dictionary of proper names, subject index, concordance and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps.

First printed in 1952, the King James Version Longprimer Bible is a sumptuous, traditional reference setting of the Authorized Version. Developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan, it has for many years been our flagship Bible, renowned the world over for its clarity of type and our beautiful bindings.

Our latest Longprimer printings hark back to a vintage copy of the classic Longprimer, printed in the period 1952-1958 under Charles Batey, then Printer to the University of Oxford, returning to a page image that is much closer to the original intentions of the typesetters. This new-old page image retains the large, clear type of the Longprimer we all know and love, but has a crisper letter form and less of the broken type and 'spread' that mark out much-used letterpress typesettings subsequently transferred to film and, only more recently, to digital scans.

Printed on best quality highly opaque 36gsm India Paper * Large, crisp black letter type * 100,000 centre column chain references with dates above * Three light green ribbon markers * Red under gold page edges * 16 pages of full colour Oxford Bible maps * Concordance, subject index and dictionary of proper names * Exclusively available in Allan's fine leather bindings.

- Large Print 11pt. bold Longprimer font
- Dark Green Meriva Calfskin Leather
- Semi-overlapping yapp cover that is leather-lined in green split calfskin with gilt line round the inside of the case
- Best Quality writable India Paper
- Smyth-Sewn Pages for extreme flexibility
- Presentation Page and Family Records
- Red under Gold Gilded page edges
- 3 Light Green ribbon markers
- 100,000 center-column chain references with dates above
- Concordance
- Subject Index
- Dictionary of Proper Names
- 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps
- 32 pages of navy ruled Allan notepaper

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover L.

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About R.L. Allan & Son Publishers:
R.L. Allan Publishers, established in 1863 in Glasgow, Scotland, is a world renowned bible publisher and leather manufacturer. From the birthplace of King James himself come some of the finest premium leather KJV bibles on the planet. These extraordinary KJV Bibles now have a home at The KJV Store for the first time ever.

Leather-Lined Style:
All Allan Bible covers are "lined to the edge” style with genuine leather linings. Carefully joining the cover to the Bible, using several flexible components, eliminates restrictions and stress points often found in paste-off or glue-bound methods. This unique style of binding offers the utmost flexibility, thus allowing your Bible to withstand years of continuous use. The “leather-lined” binding is what sets these apart from anything by Cambridge, Oxford, or other traditional publishers.

Royal License:
R.L. Allan Bibles are so renowned that they have been appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as official publishers of the King James Authorized Version in Scotland where the Sovereign holds the perpetual copyright. The license of which can be seen on the "Look Inside" images above.

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3 Reviews
  • A Frisch Perspective

    5 2/4/20


    This Bible was executed beautifully. I personally love the size, layout, as well as the materials and look of the Bible. It is also some of the best paper I have ever felt in a Bible. This is a classic layout, printed in outstanding quality, in a gorgeous setting. My video review here:

  • Joseph

    5 12/6/19

    Great Bible

    Print size/boldness same as 43 but thicker paper. In between size of 43 and 62. I like this middle ground size. Like the chain reference system and dating as well. Supple leather, lays flat, very readable text.

  • Tbone49

    5 10/29/18

    The Lord is my shepherd and this Bible is my pasture/pastor

    This is a wonderful Premium Bible. If you're looking for something extremely flexible right out of the box and I do mean box (because this Bible and other R.L. Allan will come in a blue oxford box). The font is very legible, so legible in fact it makes me want to continue reading the word of the Lord. <br> The green is a very dark green at first in most lights and it's wonderful. I bet you could trick some people into thinking it's actually black in the right lighting. In the sunlight or any powerful light you see how it actually is not as dark as you thought. The gold gilt/gilded edge is beautiful and something that I hope KJV Store will implement is a photo of the Meriva Leather Lining which is a Navy Blue on the front and back of these Bibles which helps protect the pages even more and increases sturdiness.<br> Leather - If you're worried about the leather not being supple enough do not fear. I cannot say whether it's comparable with the highland goatskin leather but it's very supple. I have Giuseppe Zanotti shoes with leather from Italy and the leather from this bible is just as soft or softer, mind you the shoes are over a year and a half old. This is some great leather. Do not be turned away just because it isn't highland goatskin. <br> I am super happy with the service at The KJV Store as well. They answer emails promptly and were always willing to assist me to find the right bible. Not only that but the shipping was 14-21 days yet it arrived only 11 days after it had shipped so very big bravo to R.L. Allan or wherever it ships from they do an excellent job because shipping in Canada can be quite slow.

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