The Way of Cain

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Author: Gary Miller

"You may think you know the whole story of Cain and Abel, but do you?"

After 20 years of study, a complete picture has been pieced together, and it is one that religion does not want you to know. The founder of all religion will be revealed and the "Way" he established will be exposed. Once you begin the journey thru the Scriptures, you will never look at religious men the same. The Scriptures only tell of two ways, God's and Cain's. This book is a study of the story from Genesis and will show why God rejected Cain and rejects all that follow "the way of Cain".

"The Way of Cain" covers the following topics:
- Why did God reject Cain at the altar?
- Why did Cain kill Abel?
- Who does the Lord Jesus Christ say Cain and Abel really were?
- Could all the religions of the world have originated from just one person?

"The Way of Cain" will provide captivating reading for anyone interested in God's righteousness and justice as taught from this early Biblical account from the book of Genesis. This may be the first ever full length book about Cain and Abel.