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KJV Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin - Silver Line Edition - Purple Goatskin

R.L. Allan


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R.L. Allan
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The video preview shows the 2016 Edition of the Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin. The new 2017 Edition's sole change is the addition of 16 Pages of Lined Note Paper, and the reduction of some Blank Pages at the front and back of the bible.

New Purple edition for 2020, leather lined in natural grain Meriva calfskin.

The KJV Brevier Clarendon Bible is a vintage Authorized/King James Version reference edition, developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan. This Wide Margin edition is particularly prized – its substantial margins and writeable paper, with the highest levels of opacity, combined with the bold, clear type of the Brevier Clarendon typesetting, make it the ideal Bible for intensive study and notetaking.

The 5WM is printed on PrimaBible 45gsm paper with superb writeability characteristicsso as to maximize the benefit of the 1.5 inch outer/inner margins (1 inch at top and bottom).

Our classic 5WM edition is bound in Purple natural grain goatskin with generous yapp, leather-lined in matching purple natural grain Meriva calfskin with silver gilt line inside, hand-pleated corners and double-sprayed blue under silver page edges, three blackberry ribbon markers, with Allan presentation pages and family record, 26 pages of blank notepaper at the back of the Bible book block for additional note taking, 16 pages of full-colour Oxford Bible maps and 16 pages of Allan feint rule notepaper.

Printed on best quality, writeable, highly opaque PrimaBible 45gsm paper * Large, crisp black letter type * Centre column references * 1½ inch outer and inner margins, 1 inch at top and bottom of the page * Three blackberry ribbon markers * Blue under silver page edges * 16 pages of full-colour Oxford Bible maps * 16 pages Allan feint rule notepaper * Exclusively available in Allan's fine leather bindings.

- Easy to read 9 bold font
- Best quality, writeable, PrimaBible 45gsm paper
- Margin Measurements: 1.5" outside and inside, 1" top & bottom
- Purple Goatskin Leather
- Leather-Lined in Purple Natural Grain Meriva Calfskin with an silver gilt line inside
- Generous Nearly Full overlapping yapp cover (1/2 Inch wide)
- Smyth Sewn Pages for extreme flexibility
- Blue under Silver Gilded page edges
- Allan Presentation pages and family record section
- 3 purple ribbon markers
- Center Column References
- 16 Pages of Lined Notepaper.
- Several Front and Back blank pages for notes
- 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover XL.

About R.L. Allan & Son Publishers:
R.L. Allan Publishers, established in 1863 in Glasgow, Scotland, is a world renowned bible publisher and leather manufacturer. From the birthplace of King James himself come some of the finest premium leather KJV bibles on the planet. These extraordinary KJV Bibles now have a home at The KJV Store for the first time ever.

These exclusive Allan Bibles are printed and bound by craftsmen using traditional techniques and only the finest materials. Quality manufacturing breeds a promise of durability that you just won’t find in any other bible. Their unique leather-lined Bibles have special features – such as Highland Goatskin, Oxford hollows and overcasting – benefits which may only become fully apparent after many years of regular use.

Leather-Lined Style:
All Allan Bible covers are "lined to the edge” style with genuine leather linings. Carefully joining the cover to the Bible, using several flexible components, eliminates restrictions and stress points often found in paste-off or glue-bound methods. This unique style of binding offers the utmost flexibility, thus allowing your Bible to withstand years of continuous use. The “leather-lined” binding is what sets these apart from anything by Cambridge, Oxford, or other traditional publishers.

Royal License:
R.L. Allan Bibles are so renowned that they have been appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as official publishers of the King James Authorized Version in Scotland where the Sovereign holds the perpetual copyright. The license of which can be seen on the "Look Inside" images above.

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