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Fellowship Bible Study - The Steward and His Stewardship


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Author: Gene C. Smith

Each believer has a responsibility to manage his possessions for the glory of God. Ultimately, everything is owned by God. The believer is given temporary ownership of his talents and abilities. This book examines how a believer can live his life so as to bring honor to God through such things as his life, body, talents, money, time and influence.

Most Christians want to live healthy and balanced spiritual lives. However, only a few achieve this goal alone. Most study groups such as Sunday School, Baptist Training Course, Ladies’ Auxiliaries and small groups struggle to balance all of God’s purposes in their meetings. These groups tend to overemphasize one or more biblical truth such as discipleship or fellowship. Rarely is there a healthy balance that includes evangelism, ministry, worship and stewardship. That is why we have developed this enlarged study of Christian stewardship.

Sample Pages

Lesson Titles:
1 Our Stewardship
2 Stewardship of the World
3 Stewardship of Time
4 Stewardship of Life
5 Stewardship of the Body
6 Stewardship of Our Soul
7 Stewardship of Talents
8 Stewardship of the Word of God
9 Stewardship of the Gospel
10 Stewardship of Money
11 Stewardship of the Faith
12 Stewardship of Things or Goods
13 Stewardship of Influence

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