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THE TABERNACLE - An Earthly Shadow of Heavenly Realities
Author: Bobby Sparks

The Tabernacle provides God’s most precise description of God’s throne in Heaven that can be found in the Bible. The Tabernacle also is a figure and type of the Lord Jesus Christ. It represents His work, His life, His attributes and His character. Every detail of the Tabernacle prefigured and foreshadowed some aspect of the character and work of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work. Through studying the Tabernacle the student will discover the greatest theme of all: Jesus is the Saviour, the Lamb of God.

Thirteen exciting, in-depth, lessons about the Tabernacle.

Sample Pages

Lesson Titles:
1 Object Lessons From the Past
2 Laying Out the Campsite
3 In the Precincts of the Tabernacle
4 Blueprints for a Tabernacle
5 Looking Up—the Tabernacle Coverings
6 Entrance Through the Hangings
7 Sacrifices at the Brazen Altar
8 Washing at the Brazen Laver
9 Light at the Golden Candlestick
10 Fellowship at the Table of Shewbread
11 Intercession at the Altar of Incense
12 Judgment at the Ark of the Covenant
13 Mercy at the Mercy Seat

About the Author:
Brother Bobby Sparks has pastored in several states. He currently lives in Greenville, Texas, where he pastors the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

Dr. Sparks is a graduate of the Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary in Henderson, Texas. He has intensely researched and studied the Old Testament tabernacle and related subjects for over 25 years. His lectures on these subjects have become very popular in seminaries and churches throughout the United States and several foreign countries. These lectures and his work on the scale models of the tabernacle have earned for Dr. Sparks recognition as an authority on the Old Testament Tabernacle.

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