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PROPHECY POWER - Strength from God To Face Your Future
Author: Terry James

This study will show that the prophetic Word is vital to Christian growth, and to living a spirit-filled, joyful, thus God-empowered life rather than a life fearful of what the future holds.

Thirteen exciting, in-depth, though simply-explained lessons about what will happen next from God’s prophetic perspective!

Expertly crafted for study in church classrooms or for personal study! (Key study questions in each lesson with answers provided in the back of the book.)

Prophecy is one area too often ignored today. Filled with truth from Jesus and the prophets, and commentary from some of today’s most respected, spiritually attuned teachers of biblical prophecy, this volume, when disseminated, and studied, will assure that every child of God gets this important, though often neglected part of the Word of God.

Prophecy Power: Strength from God to Face Your Future is prayerfully written and designed to fill a great need among Christians today. It is a self-contained broad overview of Bible prophecy from this moment in time in which we live, until God dissolves, then remakes the heavens and the earth.

Prophecy Power tells what the believer in Jesus Christ can look for while troubling issues and events roll upon our television screens and leap from our newspaper headlines.

God’s prophetic Word is not gloom and doom, but bright, glorious promises beyond even the most vivid imagination! Learning what is in store for the Christian gives the believer great strength from God to face the future!

Sample Pages

Lesson Titles:

Empowered Through Study
1 Powering Up for Supernatural Battle

Empowered by Rapture
2 The Power-filled Sentry
3 Scoffers and Scoundrels
4 Overpowering These Perilous Times
5 Rapture Readiness

Empowered by Judgments
6 Planet Earth Throws a Party!
7 This Is Your Life!
8 Party’s Over
9 Hell on Earth
10 Christ’s Return, Reign, and Restoration
11 God’s Great Prophecy Power on Display

The Prophecy Power-filled Life
12 The Prophecy Powered Life—Part One
13 The Prophecy Powered Life—Part Two

About the Author:
Terry James has authored 14 books on Bible prophecy, with 2 more on the way.

His most recent books are:
- Prophecy At Ground Zero, Starburst Publishers, ISBN: 1892016737
- Are You Rapture Ready? (with foreword by Tim LaHaye)
Penguin/E.P. Dutton, hardcover ISBN: 052594737X
- Are You Rapture Ready? Penguin/Plume, paperback ISBN: 0452285518.

Terry James is a member of Spring Creek Baptist Church, Benton, Arkansas.

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