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The Fellowship Bible Study series consists of 11 thirteen-week elective studies.  These books are ideal for any elective study that your church may offer.

Use them as a Ladies Auxilary/Women's Bible study, a Men's Brotherhood bible study, or even for youth or teen studies. The 13 week format makes them perfectly suited to be an alternative one-quarter study for any program that is currently being used.

When you just want to change things up a bit or find a very in-depth study series, Fellowship Bible Study is the perfect choice. If you are looking for a way to energize your Wednesday or Sunday evening bible study, this is a great solution!

Fellowship Bible Study Series Include:

WOMAN BY DESIGN - Designed to Influence
- by Angie Peters
A look at the way our faith and God’s blessings on our lives add up to a powerful testimony that we can use to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the many people whose paths cross ours each day.

- by Angie Peters
Home and family is important to God. He chose a loving family in which to place His only begotten Son, Jesus. God’s Word tells us that a “wise woman builds her house.” We know that women play a critical role in establishing, maintaining and strengthening the home and family. This study will look at both the spiritual principles and the day-to-day practicalities of building a godly home.

PROPHECY POWER - Strength from God To Face Your Future
- by Terry James
This study will show that the prophetic Word is vital to Christian growth, and to living a spirit-filled, joyful, thus God-empowered life rather than a life fearful of what the future holds.

- by Gene Smith
“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Basic Training contains thirteen lessons on important doctrines of the Bible. This study book will help the student fulfill the words of Paul to Timothy to study the Word of God so as not to be ashamed. This book is presented in simple terms to facilitate growth in God’s Word by new converts as well as long time believers who want to study these basic doctrines anew.

LOVE FROM ABOVE - Experiencing God's Love and Expressing It to Others
- by Thomas R Steele
Many people are hurting emotionally and spiritually. Erroneous sources of love have misled people to believe that God’s love is no different from the love they have experienced from those around them: conditional and based on one’s own worth. This study presents the true source of love: God. Not only is God’s love unconditional and obtainable, but children of God can express that same kind of love in their lives. You will be challenged to love others as God loves them.

THE TABERNACLE - An Earthly Shadow of Heavenly Realities
- by Bobby Sparks
The Tabernacle provides God’s most precise description of God’s throne in Heaven that can be found in the Bible. The Tabernacle also is a figure and type of the Lord Jesus Christ. It represents His work, His life, His attributes and His character. Every detail of the Tabernacle prefigured and foreshadowed some aspect of the character and work of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work. Through studying the Tabernacle the student will discover the greatest theme of all: Jesus is the Savior, the Lamb of God.

- by Todd Sadowski
Money is a controversial topic in churches today. Faith and prayer are each mentioned in about five hundred verses. Money and possessions are mentioned in over twenty-three hundred verses! Not only that, about two-thirds of the parables Jesus spoke about dealt with money and possessions! The goal of this study is to train you to become a better steward and to find God's plan for your finances. This is where true financial freedom is attained. This study focuses on maintaining an eternal perspective on life, having unity with your spouse, developing a faith-based decision making process and finding security in Christ, not money. It is imperative to have biblically wise counsel to grow in this area.

After this, this study will focus your attention on financial wisdom. This area will continue the educational program but with a larger focus on day-to-day planning and real-life issues. You will study about different kinds of savings accounts, investments, insurance products, legal documents and more.

- by Charles Law
The divine purpose for godly living can be seen in the various covenants which God has made with men through the centuries. These compacts also set forth how people are to relate to God in acceptable worship and serve and how we are to relate to one another in our daily lives.

- by James Jones
This is a study about God-designed relationship. There are many relationships of which we are a part. There are roles and positions we must fill to function in life, society and the church. In a sense, we are like players on a foot-ball team; each one must know his position and fill it to have success.

WOMAN BY DESIGN - A Woman and Her Heart
- by Angie Peters
The physical heart is an amazing creation of God. One's life literally depends on the health of his heart. Likewise, the spiritual heart dictates one's fellowship with others and God. In this third book of a series, Peters shares God's remedy for a healthy spiritual heart. The book concludes by looking into the lives of women of the Bible how they sought to control their won heart problems.

As with all Bogard Press Curriculum sold by The KJV Store, Fellowship Bible Study uses only King James Version Scripture!

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