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Easy-to-read and easy-to-use, the KJV Read To Me Bible offers special features that make it a perfect choice for children up to age eight, whether in the classroom or at home with the family.

- 60 full-color pages with 30 Bible stories and illustrations
- Realistic, classic illustrations of foundational stories
- 2 full-color pages with a simple New Testament map and drawings of Bible-times churches
- 12 additional Bible stories with illustrations
- Special helps for parents
- Bible verses and phrases list
- Highlighted verses and stories
- 8 pages with illustrations of places and things in the Bible
- Basic Bible vocabulary for children
- Bible stories with bold print to provide two levels of reading
- Presentation page
- Designed for birth through age 8
- Text is formatted in a single column, making reading easier for young children
- Full text of the King James Version