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KJV Ryrie Study Bible

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$39.99 - $84.99
$35.00 - $70.00


The video preview shows the Smyth-Sewn edition which is no longer in print. All other features of the KJV Ryrie Study Bible are the same.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help in understanding the scriptures. Charles C. Ryrie's years of study, teaching and writing make him exceptionally qualified to help readers grasp the Bible's fundamental truths. Every Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition has unique features that make it a best-seller year after year. Readers will especially appreciate the synopsis of Bible doctrine which is a concise and easy-to-understand outline of the major doctrines found in Scripture. Also featuring comprehensive outlines of each book, 10,000 explanatory notes, full-color maps and timeline charts-plus wider margins for note-taking which further highlight this extraordinary Study Bible. You'll love the new expanded Ryrie more than ever, and over 2 million copies have been sold to date. And as always at The KJV Store, it's King James Version.

- 10,000 New Concise Study Notes
- In-Text Graphics including Maps, Charts, Timelines, and Diagrams
- Comprehensive Book Outlines in Easy-to-Read Format
- Words of Christ in Red
- Expanded Topical Index
- Wider Margins for Better Note Taking
- Extensive Cross-References
- Topical index of Scripture
- Detailed Introductions of Each Book
- Introduction to the Old and New Testament and the Gospels
- Comprehensive Concordance
- Summary of Bible doctrine
- Study of Bible interpretation
- "How to use a study Bible" section
- Archaeology and the Bible
- Suggested daily Bible readings
- 16 Full-Color Maps
- 8-Page Historical Timeline

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover Large.


2 Reviews
  • HC

    5 7/16/19

    Text Book Quality for Seminary

    Buy it. You won't be disappointed. You'll be a dispensationalist and a pre-trib rapture person (or maybe a mid-trib) with Ryrie's well founded hermeneutics.

  • Pastor LGJ

    5 6/26/19

    A bible that is designed to keep you reading

    The Ryrie Study Bible is a bible that is designed to keep you reading. The notes are precise, packed and time saving. The abundant side column references are clearly get you to the correct message of the subject. The time lines of each book are great keeping you right on track with your reading. The outlines are the best I’ve seen, in that they teach, instructed and designed for clarification of scripture. Truly God has used Charles Caldwell Ryrie for the design of this great study Bible. Love it, my main source of study. <br><br>Thank You!!!!<br>Pastor LGJ<br>

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