Pigma Micron Bible Pens - 8 Piece Inductive Study Kit

G T Luscombe

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G T Luscombe
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Pigma Micron Bible Pens are considered by many to be the real deal in Bible Pens, and the ultimate writing tool for making your own notes in any bible. Why is the Pigma Micron considered the best? Simply put, these pens offer No Bleed, No Smearing and are Fade-Proof. Pigma Micron pens let you compose Smooth, Skip-Free Lines and Crisp, Consistent Lettering Every Time.

The only thing better than a Pigma Micron Bible Pen is a Full Set of 8 Pigma Micron Bible Pens, making this Inductive Study Kit the ultimate bargain in bible markers for the serious note taker! Prefer colored underlining over highlighting? Want to make multi-colored notes? Then this Kit is for you.

- Six (6) PIGMA Micron 05 Underliners
- Two (2) 01 Note Pens (Black and Red)

05 Bible Marking Pens include 6 Colors::
- Yellow
- Pink
- Green
- Blue
- Orange
- Purple

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