Fellowship Bible Study - Love From Above

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LOVE FROM ABOVE - Experiencing God's Love and Expressing It to Others
Author: Thomas R Steele

Many people are hurting emotionally and spiritually. Erroneous sources of love have misled people to believe that God’s love is no different from the love they have experienced from those around them: conditional and based on one’s own worth. This study presents the true source of love: God. Not only is God’s love unconditional and obtainable, but children of God can express that same kind of love in their lives. You will be challenged to love others as God loves them.

Thirteen exciting, in-depth, lessons for groups or individuals.

Lesson Titles:
1 Examples of Love
2 Eradicating the Faulty View that Most People Have Concerning Love
3 Understanding the Author of Love
4 What Does Your Father Look Like?
5 Amazing Love, How Sweet the Sound
6 Grace in Action
7 Discipline To Love
8 The Journey Begins Here
9 You Are Here—the Journey Continues
10 Am I My Brother's Keeper?
11 Being There When We Are Needed
12 Don't Give Up or Give In
13 Unfortunate in Love

About the Author:
Dr. Thomas Steele presently holds his DMin in Christian Counseling from Andersonville Baptist Seminary. He has pastored several churches and presently pastors Union Avenue Baptist Church in Bogalusa. Louisiana. Dr. Steel and his wife, Stacey, have been married fourteen years. They have two children.

Dr. Steele is a native of East Texas and was raised in a violent and dysfunctional home. The pain he suffered as a child caused a great deal of suffering when he became an adult and created a feeling of unworthiness in his life. Although he had trusted Christ at the age of eight, for many years he thought that God's love was based on his worth. Since he felt that he had no worth, God's love was illusive and conditional. After sitting under many years of preaching, Dr. Steele realized that the image of God was being perpetuated by preachers everywhere. His desire in writing this book is to present a no nonsense, biblical perspective on love without all the trappings of most of the emotional jargon that is attached to the subject today. His direct approach in this book concerning God's love hopefully will help many, for the first time, begin to understand the love of God, how wonderful and expansive it is and how to express it to others.

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