Father You Got This! - Book of Prayers


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Author: Christine Watson

Have you ever been stumped for words when it was time to pray? Have someone ever ask you to pray and you forgot simple prayers? I struggled with finding words to say before Christ and others. Once, I set an appointment with myself to pray everyday, I began to articulate and paraphrase scriptures into a prayer. This book is a reference guide and serves as a personal journal. The book will aid to your biblical studies. It is filled with starter prayers that you can paraphrase what you always wanted to say. It helps to know that you don't have to stumble for words when you pray. Prayer is good and effective when you have a boost. You feel confident to pray for yourself and others. From adolescence to adults can enjoy reciting prayers and scriptures. Use the note sheets and write out what you might want to pray for or make a note-to-self. We all must guard our hearts; from it are the issues of life.


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