Praying That Receives Answers

Whitaker House


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Whitaker House
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Author: E.M. Bounds

If God answers prayer, why doesn't He answer mine?" Does this sound familiar? Prayer is what connects us to the Creator, without prayer we lack His guidance and His power in our lives. We become an ineffective, dysfunctional part of the body of Christ.

E. M. Bounds has experience with the results of true, faith-filled prayer. Let him show you how to turn your frustration into praise as you move mountains through life-changing prayer.

Table of Contents:
1. Faith in Prayer
2. Mighty Answers to Prayer
3. Beginning with Prayer
4. Intercessory Prayer Moves God
5. Prayer, the Prophets Link to God
6. Even Kings Must Pray
7. Reformation through Prayer
8. Prayer: The Builder's Blueprint
9. Raise Your Children for God
10. Praying in Captivity
11. Faith of Sinners in Prayer
12. Lessons in Prayer
13. Examples of Effective Prayer
14. Benefiting from Persistent Prayer
15. Church Body Prayers Are Necessary
16. Principles for Prayer