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Author: Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.

Answers to the most often asked Bible version questions.

Many "Bible Scholars" have stirred up rumors, questions, and speculation about the validity of the King James Bible. Much of the Bible version debate has caused many Christians to question whether there is a true version that has no error. This book contains the answers to 62 of the most common questions concerning the King James Bible.

Here are some of the questions that are answered:
- Wasn't King James a homosexual?
- Aren't there archaic words in the Bible, and don't we need a modern translation to eliminate them?
- Don't the best manuscripts support the new versions?
- Where do Bible manuscripts come from?
- Where was the Bible before the 1611 King James Version?
- Is the New International Version trustworthy?
- Isn't the devil behind all the confusion and fighting over Bible versions?
- Who were Westcott and Hort?
- Should we make an issue of Bible translations?
- These questions and many more are answered in Gipp's simple-to-understand answer book.

Table of Contents:

  • Question 1: Shouldn't We Be Loyal to the Originals?
  • Question 2: Isn't "Easter" a Mistranslation?
  • Question 3: Was King James a Homosexual?
  • Question 4: What About the Archaic Words?
  • Question 5: Hasn't the King James Bible Been Revised?
  • Question 6: Don't the Best Manuscripts Support the New Versions?
  • Question 7: Don't We Need Perfect Bibles in Other Languages?
  • Question 8: Where Do Bible Manuscripts Come From?
  • Question 9: What is the LXX?
  • Question 10: Was the King James Bible Good Enough for Paul?
  • Question 11: What About the Italicized Words?
  • Question 12: Aren't There Great Men Who Use Other Versions?
  • Question 13: Where Was the Bible Before 1611?
  • Question 14: Did the A.V. Translators Claim to be Inspired?
  • Question 15: Aren't Today's Scholars Better Equipped to Translate?
  • Question 16: How Did King James Authorize His Translation?
  • Question 17: Who Was the King James Bible Translated For?
  • Question 18: Is the King James Bible the Word of God Because I Got Saved Through It?
  • Question 19: Are King James Bible Believers Church Splitters?
  • Question 20: Aren't All King James Bible Believers Name Callers?
  • Question 21: Do King James Bible Believers Worship the Bible?
  • Question 22: Aren't King James Bible Believers a Cult?
  • Question 23: Is it Heresy to Believe the King James Bible is Perfect?
  • Question 24: Who Was Dean Burgon?
  • Question 25: What is Different Between a 'TR Man' and 'KJV Man?'
  • Question 26: Will a Bible Education Help Clear Up the Issue?
  • Question 27: Do People Who Use Other Versions Hate God?
  • Question 28: Is the King James Bible Inspired or Preserved?
  • Question 29: Can a Translation be Inspired?
  • Question 30: Can a Translation be as Good as the Originals?
  • Question 31: Can't We Find the Fundamentals in Other Bibles?
  • Question 32: How Can So Many People be Wrong About the KJV?
  • Question 33: Is it Wrong to Call the Holy Spirit "it?"
  • Question 34: Didn't the KJV Contain the Apocrypha at First?
  • Question 35: Can Someone Get Saved Using Another Version?
  • Question 36: What About the Testimony of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • Question 37: What About All the "Thees" and "Thous?"
  • Question 38: Is the New King James Version an Improvement?
  • Question 39: Is the New Scofield Bible a King James Bible?
  • Question 40: Is the New International Version Trustworthy?
  • Question 41: Do New Manuscripts Support the King James Bible?
  • Question 42: Aren't Modem Translations Easier to Understand?
  • Question 43: Is the Devil Behind the Confusion of Bible Versions?
  • Question 44: Who Were Wescott and Hort?
  • Question 45: Can a Person of Greek Ethnic Origin Understand the Greek New Testament and English Bible Better?
  • Question 46: What is a Ruckmanite?
  • Question 47: What About the Nuggets Found Only in the Greek?
  • Question 48: Wasn't the Textus Receptus Named After 1611?
  • Question 49: Were the KJV Translators Baby Sprinklers?
  • Question 50: If Believing the King James Bible is Contrary to the Stand My Alma Mater Takes What Should I Do?
  • Question 51: What is Progressive Revelation?
  • Question 52: Is Believing the KJV the Historic Position?
  • Question 53: Should We Make An Issue Out of Bible Translations?
  • Question 54: Shouldn't We Respect the Education of the Many Drs. in the Issue of the Bible?
  • Question 55: Shouldn't We Emphasize the Love of Jesus?
  • Question 56: What About When My Lexicon and Bible Contradict?
  • Question 57: Was Erasmus a Good Roman Catholic?
  • Question 58: How Many Mistakes Are in the King James Bible?
  • Question 59: What About My Friends and Future If I Stand for the King James Bible?
  • Question 60: What About a Contradiction That Can't be Explained?
  • Question 61: What If There Really Are Mistakes in the King James Bible?
  • Question 62: I'm Convinced That the King James Bible is the Infallible Word of God. Now What Should I Do?
  • Appendix #1