The Faithful Word: The Making of the King James Bible

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Author: Dr. David Sorenson

Veteran author David Sorenson presents a fascinating account of the events leading up to the making of the King James Version of the Bible in this latest release, The Faithful Word.  

In its over 400 year existence,  more than six billion copies of the King James Bible have been published.  That is more than any other Bible.  In fact, it is more than all other versions put together. 

In Sorenson’s other books on the Bible and textual debate, he has focused on the corruption and problems associated with modern Bibles.  In this book, however, the author presents the history of the traditional received text with details of the Reformation-era editors Erasmus, Stephanus, and Beza.  He then sets forth the fascinating history of intrigue as England convulsed from being a Roman Catholic nation to Protestant, including how those in the immediate lineage of the KJV were burned at the stake.  

The author presents a captivating history of James Stuart (a.k.a., King James) who was in all probability the most godly king since Josiah.  The reader will learn how 1,000 Puritan preachers persuaded James to authorize a new translation of the Bible.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in the King James Bible and the Bible translation debate.  

Background Information:
Dr. David Sorenson was once an adherent to the modern critical text and encouraged use of the New American Standard Bible.  However, in about 1982 a pastor friend gave him a copy of a book entitled Which Bible? by Dr. David Otis Fuller.  Sorenson’s eyes were opened to the apostasy and corruption associated with the modern critical text which is the foundation for virtually all modern Bibles.  

In the following years, he became knowledgeable on the subject, writing three books on the issue: Touch Not the Unclean Thing, God’s Perfect Book, and Neither Oldest Nor Best.  In the first trilogy of books noted above, Sorenson documents the serious problems associated with critical text.  

However, in this book Sorenson presents the amazing history of the traditional received text and its later godly editors/publishers.  He then recounts the history of the godly James Stuart, his accession to the throne of England, and how he was influenced to authorize a new translation of the Bible.  

The title of this book, The Faithful Word, is taken from Titus 1:9, “Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.”

The illustration on the front cover is a depiction of Willian Tyndale being burned at the stake on October 6, 1536 at Vilvoorde, Belgium.  His crime was translating and publishing the Bible into modern English.  An estimated 85% of the New Testament of the King James Bible is the work of Willian Tyndale.  

About the Author:
The author and editor is David H. Sorenson, B.A., M. Div., D. Min. Dr. Sorenson is a third-generation fundamental Baptist preacher who in preparation for this work has read the Bible through over 300 times. He is a pastor, church planter, soul winner, church builder, and a widely-read author whose writing style is eminently readable.