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SwordSearcher benefits you by giving you the tools to search, study, and read the Bible quickly. It includes several commentaries, dictionaries, topical guides, maps, charts, and illustrations; it is far more than just a computer Bible concordance. It offers unique and powerful study features that are easily accessed and used with an intuitive interface, ideal for both devotional and in-depth study. Perhaps best of all, the SwordSearcher program was created by King James Bible believing men for King James Bible believing men, making for the kind of Bible Software that you would expect from The KJV Store.

Bible search instantly: You will find Bible verses instantaneously, immediately seeing every verse you are looking for with any given word, group of words, or phrase.

Instantly find all relevant study material by verse reference: You will research references on a Bible verse or passage quickly, because SwordSearcher's library is indexed by Bible verse. All you do is tell SwordSearcher's Verse Guide the verse or passage you need indexed, and instantly you will have every entry in each book, topical guide, dictionary, or commentary that references that verse.

Know what is available at a glance: Create your own commentaries and books: store your personal study notes, Bible studies, and topical studies. Verses you type are automatically linked to Scripture, and all of your own notes can be instantly searched. You will see at a glance the available reference material for each verse, because SwordSearcher displays links to relevant reference material next to each verse.

Easily share Bible verses in email or other documents: You will improve your productivity by allowing SwordSearcher to copy Bible verses into your documents for you. Whether you are writing a letter in Word or composing an email, inserting the text of a verse is just a few key presses away.

New feature highlights:
- New, more powerful Go to Verse and Search Toolbar is more versatile, providing automatic search suggestions as you type, fast access to verse-based tools and topic lookup, and more. Be sure to watch the video to see how helpful this is.
- The new Bible Word Clouds Generator is one of the most interesting discovery tools you'll ever use.
- New Module Set System lets you create groups of library items that you care about, which can be used to filter library searches, or switch between different collections of visible library tabs or Bible margin links.
- Improvements to the Verse Guide Panel and the Topic Guide make these tools even faster to use than before.
- Bible book abbreviations can be customized.
- A new cohesive "look" with simpler, more elegant icons, while retaining the same usability and flow that made SwordSearcher what it is.

SwordSearcher is designed by Bible Believers for Bible Believers. The primary purpose of SwordSearcher is to improve Bible study and to help the Christian:

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." -2 Timothy 2:15, KJV.

What's on the DVD-Rom:

Bible Texts:
- King James Version
- King James Version with Strong's Lexicon Links Each English word to Strong's definitions for Hebrew and Greek words.
- King James 1611 Edition The 1611 edition retaining original spellings.
- Wycliffe Translation The first complete English translation ever made, by John Wycliffe. Completed in 1382 and revised in 1388, taken from an 1850 printing retaining the original form of English used.
- Tyndale Translation The first English New Testament translated from Greek by William Tyndale. Also includes Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch and Jonah. Retains the original form of English used.
- Geneva Bible Another early translation that was a precursor to the KJV.
- Bishops Bible Published in 1568.
- American Standard Version - John Darby's Translation
- World English Bible
- Young's Literal Translation
- King James 2000
- Textus Receptus module now includes Ben Chayyim Hebrew Old Testament text. New Testament text is Scrivener Greek New Testament with Stephens variants indicated in footnotes.
- Critical Greek New Testament Greek New Testament, Wescott & Hort 1881 edition with NA27/UBS4 variants as footnotes, included for comparison purposes.

Foreign Language Bible Pack: NEW
- Arabic: Smith and Van Dyke Arabic Bible (1865)
- Chinese: Union Translation (Traditional) (1919)
- Danish Bibelen (1871/1819)
- Dutch: Statenvertaling (1637)
- Finnish Biblia (1776)
- French: Louis Segond (1910)
- German: Luther Bible (1912)
- Italian: Giovanni Diodati Bibbia (1649)
- Portuguese: Almeida Atualizada
- Russian: Synodal Translation (1876)
- Spanish: Reina Valera Gomez (2004)
- Spanish: Reina Valera (1909)
- Swedish: Carl XII Biblia (1873)
- Thai: Thai Bible KJV (2003)

- American Tract Society Dictionary of the Holy Bible
- M.G. Easton's Bible Dictionary Third edition.: Includes 277 maps and illustrations.
- Fausset's Bible Dictionary: By the co-author of the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentary, Andrew Robert Fausset.
- Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
- International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: One of the largest Bible encyclopedias.
- The King James Bible Companion: Defines over 500 words as used in the King James Bible.
- Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language: Over 60,000 word definitions, frequently using Scripture as examples. Far more useful in Bible study then more recent editions.
- Smith's Bible Dictionary: The complete work as prepared by William Smith. "Every subject, place and event mentioned in the Bible-- carefully identified and accurately defined."
- Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicons: James Strong's popular lexicon of Hebrew and Greek. Used in connection with the KJVSL SwordSearcher Bible text, linking each definition to the English words.
- Richard Watson's Biblical and Theological Dictionary

- Rightly Dividing the Word: Including 55 charts and illustrations. Clarence Larkin, 1920.
- Osborn's Biblical History: H. S. Osborn's Classbook of Biblical History and Geography. Bounds on Prayer Necessity of Prayer, Essentials of Prayer, Reality of Prayer, Purpose in Prayer, Weapon of Prayer, Power of Prayer, and Prayer and Praying Men. By Edward M. Bounds (1835-1913).
- Charles Finney's Systematic Theology: Lectures by Charles Finney
- Crowned With Glory: The Bible from Ancient Text to Authorized Version, by Dr. Thomas Holland. Traces the history of the Bible from inspiration to translation.
- Fox's Book of Martyrs: The classic work chronicling slain believers throughout the history of the Church. Edited by William Byron Forbush.
- Sir Robert Anderson, Coming Prince, The Forgotten Truths Gospel and its Ministry, The Lord from Heaven, The Redemption Truths Silence of God, The Types in Hebrews
- John Calvin, Great Preaching of the Faith
- Park Street and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
- Complete collection of over 3,500 of C. H. Spurgeon's sermons (63 volumes in print)
- McClintock & Strong Cyclopedia

- John S. C. Abbott and Jacob Abbott's Commentary on the New Testament
- Albert Barnes' Notes on the New and Old Testaments: By Albert Barnes, published 1832-72.
- William Burkitt's Expository Notes on the New Testament: By William Burkitt, 1703. Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible By Adam Clarke, 1826.
- John Darby's Chapter Synopses: A commentary focusing on each chapter, rather than each individual verse, of the Bible. By John Nelson Darby.
- Family Bible Notes
- Geneva Bible Footnotes: Commentary from the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible.
- Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary: Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset, and David Brown; Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, 1871.
- Keil and Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary: By Karl Keil and Franz Delitzsch, 1866.
- Lightfoot's commentary on the Gospels: Gospel commentaries in From the Talmud and Hebraica by John Lightfoot.
- Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary: The entire commentary by Matthew Henry.
- Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary: Matthew Henry's smaller devotional commentary.
- Newell's Romans, Verse by Verse
- The People's New Testament Commentary: New Testament Explanatory Notes by B. W. Johnson. (Published originally in two volumes, 1889 and 1891.)
- Matthew Poole's Commentary on the Holy Bible: English Annotations on the Holy Bible, by Matthew Poole, 1685.
- C.H. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional: Quite possibly the best daily devotional ever published, by C. H. Spurgeon.
- Scofield Reference Bible Notes: Published in 1917, C. I. Scofield's commentary on the Bible.
- The Fourfold Gospel and Commentary on Acts: McGarvey and Pendleton's Gospel commentaries, and J.W. McGarvey's commentary on Acts.
- C.H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David: C. H. Spurgeon's mammoth two-volume commentary on the Psalms, unabridged version.
- Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: 500,000+ cross-references, specially designed for understanding the Biblical usage of words.
- A. T. Robertson's New Testament Word Pictures
- John Wesley's Bible Notes: By John Wesley.
- John Gill's Exposition of the Bible commentary.
- Clarence Larkin's commentary on Daniel and Revelation.
- An Interpretation of the English Bible by B. H. Carroll
- MacLaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture
- John Trapp's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments

Topical Bible Guides:
- Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia A. S. Johnson, 1896. "Designed for those who have but little time for study."
- Thompson Chain Topics: Possibly the most popular topical Bible ever published.
- Nave's Topical Bible
- R.A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook
- Chronologies and Harmonies book module.

Maps and Illustrations:
- 30 Color Maps: From J. L. Hurlbut's Historical Geography of the Bible.
- 100+ Illustrations by Clarence Larkin, Included with Rightly Dividing the Word and Larkin's Commentaries on Daniel and Revelation.
- 277 Maps and Illustrations from Easton's Illustrated Bible Dictionary: Included with the text of the third edition of Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Version 8 Additions:

New Modules:

KJV-TSK: The King James Bible with integrated in-line cross-references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.
- The extremely useful Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (expanded, with over 800,000 cross-references) is now available in an integrated form in this new Bible panel tab.
- Hundreds of thousands of cross-references are now presented in-line from notation in the Bible text. It is no longer necessary to go to a separate commentary panel to use the cross-references.
- Joseph Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New Testaments (1835)
[Commentary module: Sutcliffe]
- Reviving the Blessed Hope of Thessalonians (by Douglas Stauffer and Andrew Ray, 2016)
[Book module: StauRBHT] A book-form commentary on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Includes 17 charts.
- When the End Begins (by Douglas Stauffer and Andrew Ray, 2017)
[Book module: StauWTEB] A book-form commentary on Matthew chapters 24 and 25. Includes 60 charts.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913 [Web1913]
- A very complete dictionary from the early 20th century. This digital edition organizes identical headwords under a single entry. Not counting plurals or multiple word forms, there are over 120,000 words defined in over 98,000 entries, with over 48,000 cross-linked entries and over 4,300 linked references to Scripture.
- This does not replace the 1828 Wester’s module — both are included.

New Features:
- Integrated Bar Graph for Bible search result verse lists.
- Concordance View mode for Bible search results in Verse List Panels.
New KJVSL (and SRVSL) layout: Reverse interlinear.
Comprehensive support for high-DPI and 4K+ displays.
Assign your own hotkeys to your favorite modules with custom module shortcuts.

- Bible Word Trees:
- Bible Word Trees show fascinating connections between words and phrases in the Bible.
- The Word Tree is a visualization tool (like the Word Cloud Generator) designed to help you see Bible search results in a very different way.
- See groupings of the sentences and phrases flowing into and out of a word or phrase across the whole Bible or just chapters or books.
- Connections between words and phrases can suddenly become obvious where they can be hard to spot in a conventional list of verses.
- Fully interactive. Fast.
- Integrated: load conventional verse lists and search results based on the word trees for further study.
- See dozens of word tree previews for any portion of Scripture, like a chapter or book, to get ideas for additional exploration, or just to get a new birds-eye view of a passage.

Live verse tagging in the user module entry editor:
- It is no longer necessary to save the text you are editing to see what will be automatically linked as a verse reference.
- As you type, the editor will "live tag" any text that is recognized as a verse reference so you can see immediately what will be linked and it will instantly respond to any changes you make.
- You can hold your mouse pointer over the live tag to see the text in a pop-up preview to verify it is what you intended.
- Additional options when right-clicking a live-tagged reference in the editor.
- Also added a handy keyboard shortcut for power users to insert a "contextual reference" at the caret position (Ctrl+R):
This inserts the book and chapter from the most recent verse reference recognized up to the caret position. This is just a convenience keyboard shortcut to avoid the need to re-type book and chapter repeatedly when making a series of references broken up by other text.

Full-library Search Results display has been redesigned:
- The layout of library search result previews has been improved.
- More previews of matching text inside of entries are visible without taking up much more space.
- Match previews also indicate how many individual matches there are in each entry, in addition to each module, so it is more obvious when an entry has multiple matches beyond what is visible in the preview.
- Significant performance improvements.

New Library Modules:

  • James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary [Commentary module: Nisbet] (12 Vols, 1908)
  • Handfuls on Purpose [Book module: Handfuls] (James Smith and Robert Lee, 13 volumes, 1943)
  • The Essential Works of A. W. Tozer [Book module: AWTozer]
    (Nine books from the life and ministry of A. W. Tozer, 1897-1963)
    One combined SwordSearcher book module:
    • Christ, The Eternal Son
    • Jesus is Victor
    • Jesus, Author of Our Faith
    • Jesus, Our Man in Glory
    • Knowledge of the Holy
    • Man, The Dwelling Place of God
    • That Incredible Christian
    • The Pursuit of God
    • The Root of the Righteous
  • William Godbey's Commentary on the New Testament [Commentary module: Godbey] (7 vols, 1910)
  • Joseph Parker's People's Bible Commentary [Commentary module: Parker] (27 vols, 1886-1898)

New and enhanced Audio Bible Support:

  • SwordSearcher has supported the integration of an audio Bible for several years, but this functionality has been significantly enhanced for SwordSearcher 8.3.
  • The following Audio Bibles are now supported with verse-level synchronization and playback and can be directly played from the Bible panel and Verse List panels:
    • Alexander Scourby, KJV, AMG Publishers.
    • Alexander Scourby, KJV, Hendrickson Publishers.
    • Alexander Scourby, KJV, Scourby.com (non-dramatized mp3 edition only)
    • Max McLean's Listener's Bible, KJV, Fellowship for Performing Arts.
    • David Cochran Heath, KJV, ChristianAudio.
    • Paul Mims, KJV, AudioBible.com.
    • Dan Wagner, KJV, Talking Bibles International.
    • Faith Comes By Hearing Dramatized KJV.
    • Stephen Johnson, KJV, Firefighters.org.
    • Note that SwordSearcher does not come with an audio Bible. You may integrate any of the above audio Bibles into SwordSearcher once you have obtained them from their publishers or retailers. 
  • You may now configure an unlimited number of audio Bibles at the same time. Switching between integrated audio Bibles is easy and done with a simple selection in a list.
  • Audio playback speed can be adjusted to make it slower or faster based on listening preference.
  • The core audio system has been replaced and updated to work with a wider variety of source audio files.
  • Audio Bible configuration/selection is accessible on the main File menu or with Shift+Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut.

Many additional optimizations and fixes. See the full revision history for detail.

New Quick Concordance Tool:

  • A convenient new way to perform quick, "on-the-side" Bible searches without opening new verse list panels.
  • Floating tool window supporting an unlimited number of search tabs.
  • Instantaneous results display in the classic concordance layout as you type your searches, making it super-easy to get word and verse counts, without disrupting your current study flow.

Enhanced English-Strong's Indexer:

  • SwordSearcher's analytical concordance tool, known as the English-Strong's Indexer (aka ESI), has been redesigned and expanded.
  • The ESI can now work on small phrases and Advanced Search Expressions; it is no longer limited to using a single word only.
  • By default, the ESI now includes multiple word forms in its matching.
  • To make the ESI more powerful as an analytical concordance, it now accepts Strong's numbers as well as English text.

Other improvements:

  • The Bible panel book and chapter menus have been enhanced.
  • StudyClick improvements.
  • Verse List bar graph now allows clicks on books that have no matches. Doing this will bring the closest match position into view, so the bar graph can more easily be used to quickly navigate the results, without having to precisely click on a bar with results.

What's New in Version 9:

Dark mode interface option added!

  • With a click of one button, you can switch between light and dark color modes.
  • The new dark mode has been requested by many SwordSearcher users and is a big help in reducing certain kinds of eye strain or when using SwordSearcher in a dark environment.
  • Your personal color settings for text and text backgrounds are maintained on a per-color-mode basis, so you can easily switch between light and dark modes, using your preferred colors for each setting on the fly.
  • To go along with the new dark mode, the Word Cloud Generator and Word Trees tools have a new color theme option: River. This new color option works in either light or dark mode but is especially well-suited for dark mode.

New modules:

  • The Works of B. H. Carroll [CarrollWks], 14 volume set. A single module with 14 books containing works of Benajah Harvey Carroll, First President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary Unabridged [JFBu], 3-volume edition of the JFB commentary with about twice as much content as the single-volume edition that is in the JFB module. (Note this new module is JFBu, and the previous JFB module is still included.) Most of the additional (unabridged) content is in the Old Testament.

New layout system functionality based on user requests:

  • The layout/docking system has had some core parts of it redesigned so that sizing and docking layout panels requires a lot less "hand holding" by the user. Making custom layouts and moving panels around is now more intuitive and faster.
  • Resizing SwordSearcher will proportionally resize all of the panels inside.
  • For custom layouts, when re-docking panels to new locations, the "sibling" panels are all evenly divided inside the container automatically. They can then be sized manually if desired.
  • All of your previously configured custom layouts will continue to work with the new system!

Windows 11 support.

  • Several windows, menus, and controls have been updated so that they work properly in Microsoft Windows 11. (Windows 8 and 10 are still supported, too!)
  • Enhanced support for the new Windows 11 window snapping system.

Improved windowing system for SwordSearcher tool windows:

  • Top-level windows like the Topic Guide, Passage Analyses Tool, English-Strong's Indexer, etc., now appear along with SwordSearcher's main icon on the task bar, and participate in Windows task-switching when they are open.
  • You can use Alt+Tab to switch between open SwordSearcher tool windows along with other applications in Windows.
  • All SwordSearcher top-level tool windows can be "snapped" to the sides of monitors, etc. This works in Windows 10 Snap Assist, and especially well with the new Windows 11 Snap functionality accessible from the maximize icon on these windows.

New Clone Panel windowing:

  • The previous Clone Panel system (for creating new Bible, Book, and Commentary text displays) has been extended to use top-level windows that participate in Alt+Tab task switching and the Windows Snap functionality, and can be maximized or minimized.
  • Although these clone panels are not "dockable" panels, the previous clone panel system with dockable panels can be selected if you prefer that. The setting is in File, Preferences, Layout Options.

Other improvements:

  • Added "Open in clone Bible panel" option to the main search box, when entering a verse reference. This makes it very easy to open a new verse in a separate Bible panel (without changing the active Bible verse) and view its entire chapter context.
  • Added "Open in clone panel" right-click option in the Topic and Verse Guides. This way you can open a book or commentary entry in a new window without changing your active book or commentary panel.
  • The Verse Auto-Paste feature, which is invoked with Ctrl+Alt+V when using a different application, no longer forces SwordSearcher to become the top-most window. Many users requested this to make inserting verses into other applications more seamless.
  • Bible highlighting improvements:
    • Improved legibility of red-letter text over highlights.
    • Underlines and background highlights are now contrasted with space between them.
    • Highlight colors are automatically dimmed in dark mode so that they are not overpowering.
  • Fixed certain Windows settings causing text display in SwordSearcher to ignore user color options.
  • Printing text panel content no longer includes the primary background color in the output.
  • Bible panels reload much faster and with less "flicker" after applying a highlight or saving a user entry edit.
  • Fixed some issues with windows staying on top of other applications when SwordSearcher is not the active application.
  • The integrated help system has been modernized to make it easier to read and use.
  • Improved back/forward navigation for Bible, Book, and Commentary panels to better maintain the scroll position of the text.
  • Significant speed improvements for resizing panels with a large number of open library tabs.
  • Improved search result panel captions to be more concise (so their tabs take up less space).
  • Library tabs in "single row" display mode can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
  • Several "look and feel" improvements with controls like scroll bars and various buttons to improve consistency and give a more aesthetically cohesive experience.
  • Many more usability enhancements and bug fixes.

SwordSearcher has never been better.

System Compatability:

  • Windows 11
    Home, Pro, or Enterprise.
  • Windows 10
    Home, Pro, or Enterprise.
  • Windows 8
    Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 8/8.1 Pro.
  • You should have at least 60 megabytes free hard drive space for a minimal installation.
  • A complete installation of the Deluxe Version takes about 1GB.
  • Any computer running Windows will have enough memory and a fast enough processor to run SwordSearcher.
  • For Deluxe DVD installation, a DVD-ROM or Blu-ray drive is required

***Swordsearcher is not available on Macs, iPads, or iPhones at this time.

As with all DVD and CD products, this item is non-returnable.