KJV Bibles in Spanish

The KJV Store offers a wide range of KJV Bibles in a Spanish equivalent that are based on the Reina-Valera Spanish translation (also known as RVR). The Bibles we sell here are not direct Spanish translations of the KJV. This is because the genuine KJV itself does not exist in any other language in the modern world aside from English. That being said, these RVR-based Bibles are the next closest translation available today. Our products include options for children, families, churches, and volunteer groups. In this collection, you’ll find large print Bibles, center-column reference varieties, New Testament editions, and Spanish outreach Bibles. Our KJV Bibles in the Spanish RVG equivalent are selected for their same durable characteristics and long-term value as our other products. Browse our catalog today and find the Bible you’ve been looking for.