Spanish Giant Print Reference Bible (RVR 1960)

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Words of Christ in Red:
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$39.99 - $54.99
$35.00 - $50.00


The spacious and beautiful design of this Spanish Giant Print Reference Bible (RVR 1960) is ideal for anyone who teaches, preaches, or anyone who has the privilege and responsibility of publicly reading of God's Word.  References and additional helps are the perfect complement to the Reina Valera 1960 text, the preferred version in Spanish. 

- 14 Point Giant Print Font
- Various Color and Binding Options
- Chain references
- Thematic agreement
- Historical overview of the Bible
- Annual reading plan
- Good news of salvation
- Words of Christ in Red
- Introduction and outline of each book
- Harmony of the Gospels
- Full color maps
- Attributes of Jesus
- Words of encouragement for your walk with God