Why They Changed The Bible

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Author: David W. Daniels

The Bible is being changed ...slowly.

Somebody’s been messing with:
- Bibles
- Bible translators
- Bible translation agencies
- Churches
- Christians

Why? What is their goal? What do they hope to accomplish?

See who is behind the gradual changing of modern Bibles. And their plan is almost complete:
One World Bible for One World Religion

Table of Contents:

Part One: Something's Wrong

Chapter 1: Caught!

  • Is it really a Bible if you REMOVE the Son of God?

Chapter 2: Do You Believe All That?

Chapter 3: The Guinea Pig of God?

Chapter 4: Catholic Compromise?

Part Two: Man at the Crossroads

Chapter 5: Nida's Early Influences

  • Nida's Salvation Story
  • Nida's Main Influences
  • Nida's Favorite Reading

Chapter 6: What Nida Would Have Found If He Trusted the Bible

Chapter 7: Nida's High School and College Loves

  • Nida in High School: Learning to Love
  • Nida at UCLA: Finding His True Love

Chapter 8: Direction at Camp Wycliffe

  • Nida Directed to Camp Wycliffe
  • Nida Directed to Mexico
  • Nida's New Direction

Chapter 9: Passion for Patristics: Nida at USC

  • Arranging a Master's Degree

Chapter 10: The Road to a Doctorate

  • After the Master's
  • The Danger of a Doctorate
  • SIL Gets a Second Name
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT)
  • "Doctor" Nida

Chapter 11: Young Dr. Nida

  • Nida Joins the American Bible Society (ABS)

Chapter 12: Persuading the Persuader

  • This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.
  • Secular SIL?
  • Pray Without Ceasing?
  • Words Mean Things—or Do They?
  • Liberals—or Unbelievers?
  • Grounds for Separation
  • To Rome with Love

Chapter 13: A Few Well-Placed Jesuits

  • Compromise Only Goes One Way
  • "We Run the Pope"
  • A Man with a Mission

Chapter 14: The Rubber Meets the Road

  • Nida's First Disappointment
  • What Nida Really Wanted
  • Nida's Motives
  • Nida's Supporters
  • Why Nida Focused First on the Spanish Bible
  • The Reina-Valera 1960: Valera's Vision Unfulfilled
  • The Nida Bibles: the Versión Popular and Today's English Version
  • A Protestant Bible —for Roman Catholics?

Part Three: The Big Picture

Chapter 15: Nothing Is as It Seems

  • Inspiration and Preservation
  • Satan's First Plan: Simple Extermination
  • Satan's Second Plan: A Replacement Bible
  • Satan's Third Plan: "Fix" the Bible
  • Satan's Deeper Agenda: Compromise for the Sake of Unity

Chapter 16: "Behold, I shew you a mystery..."

  • What God Calls a Mystery
  • What does this have to do with the Whore of Babylon?
  • A Mystery Unveiled through History
  • "The Glories of Mary"
  • The Mystery Becoming a Modern Reality
  • The Mystery Is a Present Reality

Chapter 17: Now What Do We Do?

  • A Case in Point
  • A Call to Heed

Appendix: Were Alfredo Trusso and Jorge Mejia actually Jesuits?

  • Five Categories of Jesuits
  • Alfredo Trusso and Jorge Mejia
  • Their Teachers