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Author: Troy G. Clark, PH.D.

Beginning with Moses (1500 B.C.), the complete History, Accuracy, and Perfection of Holy Scripture is factually documented all the way into present day. It is well written in easy-to-read layman terms. Retraces the origin of over 50 English Bible versions in the religious marketplace today. This is your One-Volume Library on the Holy Bible itself. It is a great fact-based resource for growing Christians, Parents, Teachers, College Professors, Pastors, Laymen, as well as Theologians.

About the Author:
In 1987, Troy Clark, a young college sophomore, found himself at a crossroads in life. When told that the King James Bible was not the Word of God, he faced a crisis. This crisis started a burning fire in his soul to discover where the Word of God is located. The results of that challenge has enabled him to reproduce a well written and powerfully researched defense of the Word of God as found in The King James Version of the Bible.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to Troy Clark for giving us this excellent addition to our library. He once again confirms what we have known through the years. God has preserved His Inspired Word in the King James Bible. We are honored that our Dear Lord has raised up another generation to hand to their generation the pure Word of God. Troy Clark has done a masterful job in drawing the appropriate line in the sand that The King James Bible is indeed The Word of our God!"
- Dr. Ron Baity, Pastor Winston Salem, NC Return America, Founder

"I commend the preparation, presentation of historical facts, and honest reporting. I found this book to be one that will be deeply appreciated by God's servants who study and preach the precious truths of God's Word. God bless you for a job well done, and may our Lord get all the honor and glory."
- J. Earl Green, Pastor Greenville, SC

"The Perfect Bible book will help many understand the foundation of the 1611 King James Bible, and that it came by God. Also, each chapter will guide and ground many believers to future belief in the perfection of Holy Scripture. Dr. Troy Clark makes many great statements about our providentially preserved Bible. One statement is, "Word equals Word." Another is, "The King James Bible is not a version (paraphrase). It is the Holy Bible." These two validated points are worth the entire book. Dr. Clark clarifies that we have a perfect Bible so an imperfect world can see our perfect Savior. I recommend this great time consuming work."
- Dr. Jimmie M. Clark, Evangelist Lexington, NC Farmer Christian Academy, Founder

"I would like to recommend the book entitled "The Perfect Bible" by Dr. Troy Clark and thank God for a man who stands by the King James Version of the Bible. There are so many different versions in print today that leave out words and parts of the Scriptures. Dr. Clark has spent many years in research and does an excellent job in explaining why we believe in the King James Version. It is an honor to recommend this book to you, and I believe it will be a help and blessing to those who truly want to know the truth. In II Timothy 3:16 we read, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: " I do believe that "The Perfect Bible" will help each of us have a greater understanding of the wonderful Word of God."
- Dr. Bobby Roberson, Pastor Walkertown, NC