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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

Many excellent books have been written in the Bible’s defense, but not until One Book One Authority has there been such a thorough and factual compilation in support of the most contested Bible of our day. This book is written in a functional and practical format that will benefit every reader immensely, from the Bible novice to the seasoned Bible preacher. The academic world, which demands a scholarly treatment of the subject, will be pleasantly surprised by its literary content. Very few writings cover this controversial issue in such a fair, rational and loving manner, and none more objectively than One Book One Authority.

In this companion volume to One Book Stands Alone, the sincere Bible student can acquire a working knowledge of the contemporary challenges directed at the most revered book in human history. In spite of the myriad of modern version bible choices, readers will gain extraordinary confidence to support use of the King James Bible. Along with building a spiritual storehouse of reinforcements for regular consultation, the reader will find greater insight into the history of God’s word, God’s people and their mutual adversaries.

One Book One Authority, much like its predecessor, is not a book that you will read once and relegate to the shelf to collect dust. If you are committed to loving and living God's word, you will want to keep its many resources easily accessible.

Use it to help you:
- Understand the history of the Bible, God’s people and their many adversaries
- Identify the Bible’s internal proofs supporting a supernatural English Bible
- Solidify your understanding of God’s promises of inspiration and preservation
- Discover why changes to the words of God are such a big deal to God
- Realize how frequently God likens His word to Himself in the Bible
- Pinpoint key differences between the King James Bible and the modern versions and verify their doctrinal impact
- Recognize the consequences of reading from versions that lack a unique, distinct and recognizable sound
- Learn the truth about King James I, his moral character, and the impetus behind the translation that bears his name
- Discover the truly remarkable qualifications of the godly translators assembled to bring the 1611 Bible to the common people
- Arm yourself with facts refuting the supposed archaic nature of the King James Bible vocabulary
- Follow the financial and copyright incentives ($) motivating the corporations who publish today’s modern versions
- Recognize Satan’s connection to the billion-dollar bible market and the one man today who wields the greatest influence over modern version and Christian book publishing
- Improve your personal Bible study with the quick-reference definitions of key Bible terms
- Strengthen your courage to defend God's holy word by reading the testimonies of those who valiantly stood in spite of the opposition
- Witness God’s astonishing intervention in the Chinese language formation 3,500 years ago

These points represent a sampling of the material covered by One Book One Authority. It is imperative that Christians today rediscover the emphasis God places upon believing and trusting His written word. Sadly, Christians have forgotten the parallel between the written word of God and the Word manifested in the flesh. Both the incarnate Word and the written word provide a direct revelation from God, as well as a direct revelation of God. Without the incarnate Word, man could never have an intimate relationship with God; without the written word of God, man would never know about this relationship. God’s written word reveals the benefits of Christ’s redemptive work, otherwise forever hidden.

Unfortunately, Christian young men seeking a Bible education are no longer taught the infallible word of God, but are instead encouraged to question its language and history and to doubt the very utility of preaching the word. This book serves to thwart the presumptuous actions taking place in the name of religious scholarship. The typical seminary’s approach to the word of God would be unacceptable in the studies of science, medicine, law or any other secular field of education. Yet, Christian training enterprises, once conceived to implant a sense of reverence for the word of God, are now producing the opposite effect.

Seminary students should have an intimate relationship with God and graduate with a renewed reliance upon that bond. They should equally trust in God’s infallible word. Regrettably, too many of these otherwise promising young minds graduate overconfident in their education and with an unhealthy loyalty to their alma mater. These graduates then infiltrate the churches where they become judge and jury over the word of God, rather than expositors and exhorters of God’s treasured possession. One Book One Authority is intended for the man or woman who has grown frustrated with the uncertainty and unbelief so prevalent today. It serves as a treatise against the modern-day seminary education and the majority of books found in 21st century Christian bookstores. This book brings the word of God and the Word incarnate into perspective by simultaneously elevating both to their rightfully exalted positions.

About the Author:

Dr. Douglas Stauffer is the author of many highly acclaimed books including the “One Book” trilogy. This trilogy includes “One Book Rightly Divided,” “One Book Stands Alone” and “One Book One Authority.” The first of these books is also included in the highly acclaimed Swordsearcher Bible Software. Each of the books uses only the King James Version as its absolute basis and standard. One Book One Authority serves as the sequel volume to One Book Stands Alone. Both of these books have provided the answers to end the King James only debate by providing the necessary history and facts without the caustic attitude so prevalent. Those who want to believe and understand the King James Bible will find answers to help in their search for truth.

One Book One Authority serves a peculiar niche for those who want to study God’s word and learn the Bible from a Bible believing perspective. It delves directly into the King James Only issue by providing a one of a kind Bible Believing book. This book provides the many Bible study helps and methods that have helped to strengthen the many King James ministries worldwide. Buy Doug Stauffer materials on this website direct from the author for a discount and the best price.

This book will help you with:
- The King James only debate
- Understanding about the King James translators
- King James facts
- The King James history (the Bible and the king)
- King James ministries that stand for truth unapologetically