One Book Stands Alone

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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

***Content and Cover updated in 2013***

One Book Stands Alone tackles one of the most pressing spiritual debates of our time - identifying God's preserved word in the English language.

Unique in its method of presentation, One Book Stands Alone is a logical and well prepared presentation of the King James Only position. Written from a Bible believing perspective, yet with an objective non-offensive approach, the material has had a profound impact upon Christians less familiar with the King James Bible issue. Yet, those better versed on the subject have been blessed and strengthened through the wealth of new information presented.

Although not written in a scholarly format, the 200 plus footnotes and bibliography provide additional resources for further study. Many Bible colleges and churches are using this material to introduce and teach this subject matter to their students and church members. One Book is also an excellent text for adult Bible study groups, and makes for a perfect "special study".

One Book Stands Alone identifies the counterfeit authorities guilty of giving an uncertain sound. The reader will quickly discover how to recognize Satan’s multi-pronged attack aimed at:
  • the deity of Jesus Christ
  • scriptural purity and preservation
  • salvation by grace without works
  • the supremacy of preaching
  • Christ’s sinless perfection
  • the teaching of moral absolutes
  • the total elimination of certain key verses and doctrines

This book is endorsed by a variety of well-known men who stand with Dr. Stauffer in his defense of the Authorized King James Version such as: Dr. Bob Gray, Dr. Tom Malone, Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Bill Grady, and many others. We highly recommend this book and feel it is a MUST READ for anyone seeking factual information about the King James Version/Bible Translation debate.

About the Author:
Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of Bible history, apologetics and prophetic studies. He is a prolific author, having written eighteen books, including the best selling "One Book" series. Dr. Stauffer was one of two men commissioned by Oxford University Press to work as a contributing and consulting editor for the "New Pilgrim King James Study Bible." His writings and teachings are easy to read, easy to digest, and life changing.