One Book Stands Alone Video Series - Volume I

McCowen Mills


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McCowen Mills
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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

See the scriptural proof for yourself! Finally, a video that clearly reveals and scripturally documents the satanic attack upon the doctrine of salvation by grace.

This video proves that the modern versions:
- Deny that Christ came to save the lost
- Eliminate the warning against trusting in riches
- Remove verses teaching salvation prior to baptism
- Change the gospel by removing the blood
- Make salvation occur over a process of time
- Claim that Christ will disown His children
- Deny the necessity of confessing Christ
- Reject the simplicity of salvation

Also included are slides of the NIV Teen Study Bible, Two examples:
"Sex - Another fun thing mean adults tell teenagers to keep away from."
"Church - What you have to get dressed up for so you can be bored for an hour at a morning service"

Run Time: 60 minutes 

About the Author:
Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of Bible history, apologetics and prophetic studies. He is a prolific author, having written eighteen books, including the best selling "One Book" series. Dr. Stauffer was one of two men commissioned by Oxford University Press to work as a contributing and consulting editor for the "New Pilgrim King James Study Bible." His writings and teachings are easy to read, easy to digest, and life changing.