Why the RVG Bible is the Perfect Word of God

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The Bible isn’t just God’s ideas. It contains His actual words.

The Bible is God’s book. He gave it by inspiration. The words of scripture are God’s words. But not only did God give His words to man, He also promised to preserve them… for specific reasons. They are shown to us in the Bible. We believe that we have the perfectly preserved words of God in our Reina-Valera Gómez 2010 Spanish Bible.

Today, hundreds of books call themselves Bibles. In this book you will see why they cannot all be the words of God and why only the RVG 2010 is God’s perfectly preserved words in Spanish.

This book is a "fill-in-the-blank" workbook that requires that the student have an RVG Bible.  Through its five lessons you will learn that the Bible is God-breathed "scripture."  You will see that the Bible clearly claims to be more than just "God's ideas"... it is God's actual Words, preserved through the ages for instruction in righteousness.  Finally, you see how some modern Bibles actually change God's teachings.

This book is useful in a Sunday School class, particularly with young people.  It will build faith in the Scriptures and the God who gave them.

Table of Contents:

Lesson titles:

  • 1: God Inspired His Words
  • 2: How Did God Inspire His Words?
  • 3: God Preserved His Words
  • 4: God Has A Purpose For His Words
  • 5: How Man Corrupted God's Words