Tripping - The True Story of Bible Smugglers in Germany


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"Tripping [trip' in] n. the act of traveling clandestinely to bring assistance to brothers and sisters in Christ."

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Author: Thomas Henderson

"Tripping" is a true story of Bible smugglers and how the East German Stasi tried to stop them. At the height of the cold war, a small group of ordinary Christians, The Team, did extraordinary things through fasting, prayer, and God's sovereign protection. They penetrated the Iron Curtain with specially built vehicles carrying Bibles, Christian literature, printing supplies, and aid to persecuted believers.

But the Trippers met resistance along the way. From the highest echelons of the Soviet KGB and East German Stasi secret services, orders were given to infiltrate or expose the Bible smugglers and liquidate their partners behind the Curtain. This is the true story of one courier, one mole, and one intelligence officer.

All Scripture references are from the King James Version of the Bible.


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  • Walter

    5 4/23/16

    Reviews from 5 People

    1. Janet Johnson (former Tripper from the book): Hey guys, just wanted to say HI from "north of the border" and say thanks to you for the book! It was very interesting for me to read too. I had not realized all of the ramifications of what we were doing. Just knew God had put it on my heart to go and sensed Him all around us as we were going and doing "our thing"...but it is very encouraging to read it all these years later as we are now doing different exploits for God and need His intervention just as much. It is strengthening my faith in a timely manner. My Mama who was (and still is) such a prayer warrior for us, loved the book. she is an avid reader and said she loved the way the book was written. In her words, "beautifully written and with such suspense that I could not put it down" So good work Thomas!! Now my kids and main prayer supporters are reading it. Take care and much love! 2. Creed L. (Team mechanic and builder): I just finished reading "Tripping" and greatly enjoyed it, I learned many new things and realized just how much God's grace and mercy covered those years for so many of the traveling teams. Thank you for your diligence in research and in writing the book. Did I see a hint at the end of the book that there might be another one to come? 3. Erwin Damson (former Operations Director at Light in the East, Germany) - translated from the German: The book that you labored on for so long arrived almost in time for Christmas. Many thanks. Even with my miserable English, I can understand most of it. It is a memoir on a time when we all worked together and a time when one world view had no room for God. It is a remembrance on quiet heroes, and young people who obeyed God and carried out the Great Commission in a very special way. I wish your book, in this time of passing fancies, will find a way to be an encouragement and a warning about absolute world views. History has shown that God is above all these earthly powers and when their time has come, they are expelled to the trash heap of history. For your further work for the Lord, we wish you God's blessings. You and your wife always have a bed with us, if you need it. 4. Hearty greetings, Erwin and Gerda Heidi (former Tripper from Norway): I really enjoy reading TRIPPING these days! It makes me smile, laugh and cry. God was so present in it all! It's interesting with all the background information both about The Team and about the CIs in East Germany along with all the other places. It's amazing to notice all the similarities with the Principles and what to dos. So many stories, so many wonderful people, so many awesome experiences under His guidance! Thank you Thomas, for nailing this in such a great way! Impressive research! PS! I'll order a few more for my friends (on mail) 5. Amy (Former Tripper from Great Britain): Yes indeed! One of the things I enjoyed was getting Team background. I'd briefly met some of the people in the book my first summer & heard lots of stories but your book filled in so much of the background & gave a context to the Team. I think it all slots into place because I'm older now with greater life experience... The very things which make me wonder at what we did! I'm so glad I had no real idea what was going on in the Eastern governments in terms of their attempts to stop us. I'll never forget the training a certain Scotsman put us through my first summer... It was brutal! But absolutely spot on! And it was tested twice in the following weeks. It was almost laughable how predictable they were... Almost! But even doing our human best, and sometimes failing, God protected us. I remember at a prayer time, again my first summer, having a picture of our little team & Betsy the van (our name!) cradled in an almighty hand of protection... That kind of says it all. The amount of work you put into this book is evident, Thomas... What a task! Thank you.

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