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$29.99 - $49.99
$27.00 - $45.00


RVR 1960/KJV Bilingual Bible -
Biblia Bilingue RVR 1960/KJV

All the elegance of the Reina Valera revision 1960 combined with the poetic beauty of the King James set in a handy 2-column format. Bible verses are positioned to appear across from each other page-by-page throughout the text.

- Words of Christ in Red
- Presentation page
- Harmony of the life of Christ
- 1792 pages

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover size XL.


2 Reviews
  • Misty W

    5 12/13/18

    I love it so much.

    I ordered and monogramed a bilingual KJV bible from you and Oh my gosh how I love it so much. I placed my order and in no time was it delivered to me! I ordered the bible as a gift and I was so very excited about it that I couldn’t wait for Christmas to give it so I gave it to my friend early!! My friend literally cried with joy ! Now, he can witness to others in English and in Spanish whatever the need. Thank you so much and I highly recommend purchasing from this company for all our needs. I am a very pleased and happy customer! Be blessed!!

  • James

    5 11/8/18

    I love my Bible

    I love my Bible. Is just what I wanted. Thanks a lot.

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