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KJV Turquoise Reference Bible (Cambridge)

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6-1/2 x 9-7/8 x 1-1/2"
Words of Christ in Red:
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$210.00 - $320.00
$136.50 - $198.50


The KJV Turquoise Reference Bible was created in the 1920s and has stood as a superb and well-loved example of classic Cambridge typographic design for ninety years. The text is presented in a large, bold, traditional typeface with cross-references, and the words of Christ are printed in red. The concordance has been freshly typeset for this edition, which also includes a map section and the Translators' Preface - their compelling account of the principles underlying the publication of the KJV in 1611. This Bible is a masterpiece of Cambridge craftsmanship. It is printed on fine India paper and is fully sewn, allowing it to lie flat when in use and adding extra durability. The large format, superior materials and manufacturing excellence make this a perfect family, desk or presentation Bible for Christian ministry.

Split Calfskin Leather Edition:
The Bible is bound in black calf split leather. Calf split is a superior grade to French Morocco leather, tanned to approach the quality and feel of full-grain calfskin leather. It is printed on quality India paper with gilt edges.

Goatskin Leather Edition:
This special Bible, for the discerning Bible scholar, offers the much admired Turquoise Reference text in a superlative flexible black goatskin leather binding, and is edge-lined with real leather. It is printed on quality India paper with art-gilt edges.

Other features:
- Split Calfskin: Gilt Page Edges
- Goatskin: edge-lined with Full Leather Lining and Art-Gilt Page Edges
- Bold 11 pt. Font Size (Antique Old Style No. 3)
- 28 GSM India Bible paper
- Words of Christ in Red
- Center Column Cross-Reference system
- Two Ribbon Markers
- Italics for inserted words
- Family record section and presentation page
- Concordance
- Translators’ Preface
- Maps
- Smyth-Sewn Pages
- Pure KJV Text

Cambridge Leather Definitions:

Split Calfskin Leather
A superior grade to French Morocco leather, tanned to approach the quality and feel of full-grain calfskin leather.

Goatskin Leather
A superlative flexible black goatskin leather binding, edge-lined with Kidrel made of only the most resilient, top-quality, natural grain leather that is only used in the finest bindings.

The Turquoise Edition is Back!
The formerly Out of Print "Turquoise" edition from Cambridge was re-released as the "Presentation Reference Edition" around 2006 and then went right back Out of Print only a few short years later. Since that time, countless KJV Bible customers have sought after the "Turquoise" Edition. So much so in fact that it inspired this informative article: WHY CAMBRIDGE SHOULD BRING BACK THE TURQUOISE KJV

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover Large.


8 Reviews
  • 4 8/31/20

    Cambridge KJV Turquoise

    The covers have a comfortable feel and the bible lays an my hand nicely with the one side laying on the wrist. I can "fold" it slightly to read one column at a time. The bold print letters in text makes it easier to read. However, the small letters in the text for the references and the corresponding references in the center column are a little difficult to read. No other large print reference bible in my experience matches the "build" quality though.

  • William

    5 8/13/20

    KJV Cambridge Turquoise

    High quality Bible with excellent, comfortable to read print size. Customer service was outstanding!

  • Jacqueline Villalon

    5 8/2/20

    Cambridge Turquoise Split Calfskin

    I first wanted the goat skin, but after purchasing a Cambridge Concord in calf split for my husband, I realized that I prefer the stiffness and elegance of this cover. The Cambridge Turquoise in split Calfskin has a great stiff pebbled cover that makes this Bible sturdy to hold. I hope it does not soften too much with use as I read from other reviews. In comparison to other bibles I own from Church Bible Publishers (CBP) in ironed calfskin, top-grain, and lambskin, it is as stiff as the top grain, but the ironed calfskin and lambskin are much softer and pliable which can make them harder to hold when reading in bed. The pebbled cover makes this bible elegant and beautiful and the smell of leather is fantastic. The outer spine is not as beautiful as my bibles from CBP. I really like the prominent raised hubs on the spine of my CBP Bibles. The Cambridge Turquoise Bible has the best font and paper of any Bible I own. For this reason, I do not intend to write on it and will use it strictly for reading time and for church. The boldness of the font and red letter of this Bible is is slightly darker and crisper than my CBP Turquoise. I recently purchased a Schuyler Canterburry in calfskin and I much prefer the Turquoise font for its readability. When I am studying the word of God, I write, underline, and highlight on my CBP Turquoise tank, as this one has a wider margin. The Cambridge Turquoise is not a hand size Bible, but it is perfect for daily use and carrying to church. This Bible is slimmer and thinner than my Schuyler Canterbury and CBP Turquoise. My CBP bibles are beautiful, extremely well made, and serve my everyday purpose for reading and studying the word of God, but I really wanted to own my own Cambridge. To sum what I most like about this Bible, it is unmatched readability, quality paper, and elegant stiff pebbled cover that opens flat. Love the Cambridge Turquoise!

  • Paul Miller

    5 7/20/20

    Cambridge Turquoise KJV Bible

    Wow. I love this Bible. I use it every day for my daily reading. I used to use a Schuyler Canterbury (also a great Bible), but there are things I definitely like better about the Cambridge Turquoise Bible. I like that it is lighter than the Canterbury. The pages on the Turquoise are whiter, too, and make it easier to read. I love the font that reminds me of the Bible my father used to use. I love the words of Jesus in red, too. I like to see them stand out in the Bible. Finally, I much prefer the center column references as opposed to the references at the bottom of the page in the Canterbury Bible. The references are much easier for me to find quickly in this Bible. If I had to choose a new Bible now, I would still choose this one. The customer service was great, too.

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