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Rock of Ages
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If you are looking for a truly Fundamental King James Study Bible, you found it. The Rock of Ages Study Bible, King James Version, offers an unparalleled selection of helps designed to encourage the study of God's unchanging Word.

Quality binding materials and workmanship ensure you of a Bible that will withstand years of faithful use. This Rock of Ages Study Bible edition features Premium Polyurethane Vinyl, which has the softness and flexibility of a Calfskin Leather, at only a fraction of the price.

Look at these great features:
- Over 975 in-text notes put background information at the reader's fingertips.
- 35 black and white in-text maps provide geographical context for understanding events portrayed in the Bible.
- 33 in-text charts make it easy to understand factual information.
- Asterisks by the key words in the text indicate that illuminating notes are available about them elsewhere in the Bible.
- Introductions with outlines set the stage for getting the most out of each book.
- Thousands of concise, bottom-of-page study notes address essential topics like Salvation, Baptism, Prayer and many more.
- Sectional headings and outlines are indicated within the text.
- A 250+ page Concordance shows the book, chapter, and verse location of the most prominent words in the KJV and supplies several words of the context in which each word is found.
- 16 pages of accurate, full color Oxford Bible maps (with index of places and natural features) that illustrate the Biblical world.
- Generous margins make taking notes a snap.

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover Large.


3 Reviews
  • Jeffrey

    5 5/20/20

    Excellent study bible

    I have the ROA Study Bible in imitation leather. The KJV text is not self-pronouncing. The study tools are extremely useful and intuitive to use. There's an introduction and outline for each book, maps, illustrations, and expanded notes included in the text body and page bottom study notes. Historical dates mentioned in the notes are from Bishop Ussher. Words of Christ are in red from Matthew to Revelation. Text size is 10 point for easy reading. There's two place marking ribbons in the book block. The notes are fundamental and conservative. The bible itself is constructed very well with good paper quality. The textured imitation leather is soft, supple, and feels like a quality leather cover. The binding appears sewn and the book block page edges are gold-gilded. The bible I have is the 2018 7th printing and this bible is printed and bound in the United States by the Rock Of Ages Press. The bible has a subject index in the back with a generous concordance and 16 pages of full color maps. I find this to be an excellent study bible of exceptional quality, construction, and materials. I highly recommend it!

  • Sue

    4 12/28/16

    I recommend it very much.

    I have owned one of these for most of my life and I find it priceless. I love it and (because it is falling apart some now) fully plan on getting another soon. I recommend it very much. The notes and explanations are thorough, insightful, and non-bias.

  • Tim

    5 6/7/16

    Great study bible for all.

    I've had a Rock of ages study bible for several years I received through a ministry. I find it easy to look up the helps and the notes are good. They help understand the scriptures to a deeper level.

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