KJV New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha


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Edited by David Norton, this important scholarly edition presents a revised KJV text based on a thorough evaluation of textual variants in current renderings as well as the extant notes of the 1611 Translators. The text itself is presented in paragraph form, with marginal notes, and adopts modern conventions of spelling and punctuation to make it easy to read and use.

The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible was originally published in 2005 in a large format and, like the original King James Bible and successive editions until the nineteenth century, included the Apocrypha. As it has become known in the marketplace, a demand has become apparent for this Bible in a smaller, more manageable format. Its is therefore now being issued in Personal Size editions with the Apocrypha.

- Bible paper
- Black-Letter Text
- Translators' Preface 
- Translators' marginal notes
- Single-Column / Paragraph Format for ease of reading
- modern spelling and punctuation

Apocrypha Book List:
- 1 Esdras
- 2 Esdras
- Tobit
- Judith
- Additions to Esther
- Wisdom of Solomon
- Ecclesiasticus
- Baruch
- Letter of Jeremiah
- Prayer of Azariah
- Susanna
- Bel and the Dragon
- Prayer of Manasseh
- 1 Maccabees
- 2 Maccabees

"It is hard to overstate Norton’s achievement: it is a work of colossal and magnificent scholarship and devotion to the text of sacred Scripture. Like a conservationist bringing back to life the colors of a faded and damaged painting, Norton has shed new light on an old treasure." - The Baptist Times


1 Review
  • Eric

    5 9/2/18


    This is a wonderful Bible. It is the authorized version with apocrypha restored to how it was in the original editions before the blayney revision. It is reset in paragraphs and punctuation is modernized in that punctuation is simplified closer to the way the original KJV was. For smoothness in reading thine is changed to thy and it does not have An in front of words starting with an an hundred or an hungered and there are no italicized words.Really this is not a change that affects anything whatsoever but making the text smoother to read. Maybe more people will read the KJV in this format. I have to strongly disagree with the other review. This is the authorized version. It is not like a new king james version. It is actually closer to the original intent of the original translators than the current standard blayney revision we are all accustomed to. It is a wonderful bible. The word of God. I love it and recommend it for all. It is also very well made as cambridge bibles are usually high quality. It is nice handy size too. Very pleased. This is definitely the KJV, no less than other KJV editions. The others have more changes from the original 1611 edition than this one has with the slightly simplified punctuation and paragraph formatting. To give it a bad review for those reasons is ridiculous. Wonderful edition of the Word of God!

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