KJV Cameo Reference Bible with Apocrypha - (Cambridge)

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5-1/4 x 7-1/2 x 1-1/4"
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The KJV Cameo Edition is a classic Cambridge typesetting of the King James Version, originally produced in the 1920s for letterpress printing. It has been widely admired by generations of readers for its solution to the Bible designer's dilemma of readable type in a manageable size.

Unavailable for a while, the Cameo Reference Edition is re-issued in response to continued consumer interest, in a new range of binding styles. The reissue has offered an opportunity for the print image to be enhanced, so while the text is presented in same familiar layout and the original Petit Medieval Clarendon type, it is now sharper than in printings of recent years.

- Concordance
- 15 color maps
- Pronunciation marks
- Red Letter
- Includes the Apocrypha
- India paper
- Gilt Edges
- Presentation page
- Two ribbon markers
- Black Calfskin Leather binding

Apocrypha Book List:
- 1 Esdras
- 2 Esdras
- Tobit
- Judith
- Additions to Esther
- Wisdom of Solomon
- Ecclesiasticus
- Baruch
- Letter of Jeremiah
- Prayer of Azariah
- Susanna
- Bel and the Dragon
- Prayer of Manasseh
- 1 Maccabees
- 2 Maccabees

Calfskin Leather
A traditional high-quality, long-lasting leather used in fine bindings. The finest calfskin is renowned for its distinctive natural grain and rich color shading, features which make every Bible unique.


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