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7-3/4 x 9-3/4 x 2"
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$220.00 - $325.00
$138.50 - $205.00


The KJV Concord Wide Margin Edition is extremely popular with KJV scholars. It features wide margins all around the text for verse-by-verse annotations, as well as cross-references, a glossary, concordance, 15 color maps and the Translators' Preface. The Bible text features pronunciation marks and has the distinctive Cambridge bold-figure cross-references. The paper is slightly heavier than in the regular Concord to allow for note-taking.

Split Calfskin Leather Edition:
The Bible is bound in black calf split leather. Calf split is a superior grade to French Morocco leather, tanned to approach the quality and feel of full-grain calfskin leather. The Bible has two ribbon markers and is handsomely finished with red and black head- and tail-bands as well as Gilt Edges.

Goatskin Leather Edition:
This special Bible, for the discerning Bible scholar, offers the much admired Concord text in a superlative flexible black goatskin leather binding, and is edge-lined with Imitation Leather (as only the best bible publishers in the world still do). It is printed on a smooth, opaque and resilient paper with art-gilt edges, and includes two ribbon markers to help find the reader's place.

Both editions also include the original 1611 King James Version, "The Translators to the Reader." This preface is usually omitted from modern printings but it offers a fascinating account of how this most magnificent English translation of the ancient texts evolved. This beloved "Preacher's" Bible will accommodate the most particular studier of God's Word, and is one of our favorite wide margin selections.

Sample Pages

- Wide Margins on all 4 Sides of the Text (1-3/8" Outside, 1-1/4" Inside, 1" Top, and 1-1/4" Bottom)
- Split Calfskin Leather: Gilt Page Edges and heavy paper for note taking.
- Goatskin Leather: edge-lined with Imitation Leather, Art-Gilt Page Edges, and heavy paper for note taking.
- Smyth-Sewn Pages for Flexibility
- Manageable Carrying Size for Wide Margin at 7-3/4 x 9-3/4 x 2"
- Black-Letter Text
- Cambridge Bold Figure Cross-Reference System
- Two Ribbon Markers
- Presentation Page
- Translator's Preface to King James / Epistle Dedicatory
- 1611 Preface "The Translators to the Reader"
- Pronunciation Marks
- Topical Sub-Headings
- A Short Glossary of Biblical Usage
- 135 Page Concordance to the Old and New Testaments
- "Index to Notes" Page with 26 Alphabetical Pages for Notes (A to Z)
- 64 Lined Pages for Notes (front and back)
- Cambridge Bible Maps Section with 15 Full-Color Maps
- Pure KJV Text

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover size XL.

Cambridge Leather Definitions:

Split Calfskin Leather
A superior grade to French Morocco leather, tanned to approach the quality and feel of full-grain calfskin leather.

Goatskin Leather
A superlative flexible black goatskin leather binding, edge-lined with Imitation Leather made of only the most resilient, top-quality, natural grain leather that is only used in the finest bindings.

Cambridge Bold Figure Cross-Reference System:
The Cambridge Bold Figure Cross-Reference System provides a reference Bible with a clean text for reading and an easily accessible and unambiguous system of references. There are no distracting letters or numbers in the Bible text itself.

The guides to the cross-references in this Bible take the form of bold-face numbers set on each side of the central-reference column. These indicate the verse to which the reference applies: the bold-face numbers on the left of the column refer to verses in the left-hand column of text, those on the right refer to verses in the right-hand column. A full stop separates references that apply to different parts of the same verse.

Alternative readings in the central reference column are preceded by the key word(s) of the text. Where it is necessary to abbreviate these key words, an ellipsis of three dots is used.

*****Fits the Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover size XL.


7 Reviews
  • kenneth jacobs

    5 11/5/20

    Cambridge KJV wide margin calf split

    Beautiful Bible. Great service. Highly recommended both this Bible and the KJV store.

  • Truck

    5 7/29/20

    Excellent heirloom Bible

    Among the finest Bibles available today at any price. The paper is fantastic, the cover is beautiful, and the text is very readable. There is ample room in the margins to make many notes. And if you run out of space, there's dozens of pages in the back of the Bible just before the maps with lined paper. You can also create your own index with blank pages with A, B, C, etc., on them. My tip - lay a sheet of graph or lined paper under the page you're writing on, so you can keep your notes lined up. I have used Cambridge's calf split Bibles and that is a very nice cover as well. Goatskin is worth it for those that can afford it. But don't feel like you're missing out if you go for calf split. Everything other than the cover is exactly the same, and calf split leather will last a LONG time.

  • Connie

    5 1/22/20


    These bibles were very nice and were given as gifts to friend and loved ones who were so HAPPy to have received them! Thanks!

  • Raphael

    5 1/4/20


    The text in this bible really stands out and is very readable and clear. This is going to be my new study bible.

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