Daily Bible Study 101: Questions & Answers


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This book is designed to help ministers, Bible teachers, students enrolled in Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, students in college or high school Bible courses, and individuals discovering on their own the incredible Word of God. Ministers may use the book to help them recall key scripture points while preparing a sermon or a lesson plan for a Bible study class. Likewise, Bible teachers will find a treasure of questions and answers to help them prepare scholarly lesson plans. Since students tend to learn better when engaged during discussions, the questions in this book may be used during a lesson to elicit students’ responses to promote a positive learning environment in the classroom.

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Students enrolled in a high school or college course based upon the Bible may use this book as a supplement to other class texts and materials to gain further knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Bible. In addition, individuals will find the material helpful as they grow and discover God’s holy words.

The book is not targeted toward any one particular Christian denomination; therefore, its purpose is not theology-based but instead concentrates on the literature in the Bible. Scripture verses in italics are included with each question to allow Bible learners a way to fact-check the answers to each question. The layout of the book is adapted to a structured daily Bible reading plan; however, a Bible study group could adapt the reading schedule to fit their time constraints. A unique feature of Daily Bible Study 101: Q&A is an individual or group may begin their daily Bible studies at any time of the year, and still read the entire Bible in only twelve months.