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Daily Strength 4: Devotions for Bible Believing Study

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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

This powerfully unique book serves not only as a daily devotional but an intense Bible study assisting the student of the Bible to mature and grow in the Lord. In this fourth book in the four volume series, you will study subjects like anger, finances, hope, motives, government, suffering, sin, and truth. Read it alone, with friends or family, or even in a study group. If you are looking for a doctrinally practical devotion book, look no further. This book will strengthen and encourage the reader while practically applying the great truths of scripture to your life and walk.

As an added bonus: each week, you will learn a new and practical Bible study tip. These Bible study helps and methods are for beginners, as well as seasoned Bible students. This devotional will especially help those who are particularly serious about learning the Bible. This book proves that there is a right and wrong way to participate in Bible study. Each of us should study the Bible God's way using God's method of study. Each of the Bible study devotionals uses the King James Version of the Bible while considering the whole counsel of God. 2 Timothy 2:15 serves as the primary Bible study focus. There are many Bible study methods, but if you truly want to learn the Bible, this devotional (and the series to follow) will help assist you in ways that others have failed. Buy the book on this website direct from the author at a discount.

It is our goal to assist every Bible student to study God's word from a Bible believing perspective using the King James only.

About the Author:
Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of Bible history, apologetics and prophetic studies. He is a prolific author, having written eighteen books, including the best selling "One Book" series. Dr. Stauffer was one of two men commissioned by Oxford University Press to work as a contributing and consulting editor for the "New Pilgrim King James Study Bible." His writings and teachings are easy to read, easy to digest, and life changing.


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