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KJV Subject Bible - Dr. Everette Gaddy

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Vendor:Power Publishing
Number of Pages:2540
Dimensions:6-1/2 x 9-3/4 x 1-1/2"
Font Size:12pt
Words of Christ in Red:Yes

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As seen on Christian TV!! An incredible Bible, not sold in stores!

Look Inside

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The KJV Subject Bible by Dr. Everette Gaddy, as seen on Christian Television networks, is a unique new Bible offering from The KJV Store. This incredible study bible is NOT sold in Retail Stores, but is now available at the #1 source for all things KJV. The KJV Subject Bible by Dr. Everette Gaddy, as seen on Christian Television networks

What's so unique about the Subject Bible?
(Watch the Video and Read below to find out!)

This soft, quality, flexible Bible is strategically divided into 3 sections. The First section contains the entire King James Version of the Bible in a large print type face and standard verse and column format. The Second section, "The Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects", Features all 31,000 plus KJV Bible verses meticulously organized by subject and arranged into more than 4,000 topics. The Third Section is an alphabetical subject index that lets you look up any subject alphabetically and the page number where it appears in both of the first 2 sections. And perhaps best of all, all 3 sections (Regular KJV bible, Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects, Alphabetical Subject Index) appear in this one incredible Study Bible!

How It Works:
Click "LOOK INSIDE" above to view the Subject Bible page sample from Genesis 1. As you read Genesis 1:1, there are 2 things that you should notice.

1. Alternate Definitions for Underlined Words: In verse 1, the word "God" is underlined. In parenthesis at the end of the verse is the word (YHVH) which is a Hebrew word for God. The same format can be seen in verse 3. The word "said" is underlined, and at the end of the verse in parenthesis is the word (commanded), providing an alternate meaning that can be used to explain the underlined word. These alternate word/definitions appear throughout the regular text of the bible, but only scratch the surface of the true depth of the Subject Bible.

2. Page Number References to the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects: There is a page number that appears in the margin next to every verse in the Subject Bible. To the left of Genesis 1:1, the page number is "128". This page number references where that specific verse is located in the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects (Section 2). If you scroll down on the Genesis page example, you will see "Book 5 - Works of God" which is located on page 128 of the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects. Chapter 1 of this section is entitled "Creation". Creation is the subject or topic for that page. There you will see the entire text and reference for Genesis 1:1, along with every other verse in the bible that relates to the topic of Creation! (Including: Genesis 2:4, I Kings 19:15, Job 28:26-27, Psalm 102:25, Psalm 121:2, Proverbs 3:19, Isaiah 37:16, and on, and on, and on!)

Why is this important?
Because the Subject Bible allows you to quickly locate and read every verse in the Bible that is related to a particular topic or subject. This format makes for a very unique and powerful method of Bible study. It is important to note that every single verse in the KJV Subject Bible does have a page number and does appear in the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects. There is no other KJV Bible that can make this claim no matter how many cross-references it may contain. This includes the Scofield, Thompson-Chain, Ryrie, Dake, or any other study bible that contains a cross-reference system. In addition to references, all of these traditional study bibles contain commentary, which means they contain a man's opinion about what the Scripture says.

- The Subject Bible virtually eliminates the need for cross-references and the need to constantly turn pages to find verses about a specific subject. Why turn from Genesis to Kings to Job to Psalms and to Proverbs and so forth? The Subject Bible has all of the desired verses about a specific subject on the same page.

- The Subject Bible also does not contain any commentary whatsoever, allowing the reader to form their own opinion based on a comparison of verses. Why trust in man's opinion and commentary? The Subject Bible let's the bible provide it's own commentary.

Additional Bible Features:
- The King James Version of The Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) in large print type
- The Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) organized by subject. All 31,173 Bible verses are arranged by over 4000 topics
- Alphabetical Subject Index referring to page numbers in both sections of The Subject Bible by topic
- 9 Pages of Maps
- Ribbon Marker
- Full-Color Presentation Page with Christian Artwork

Preface includes sections on:
- The Development of the English Bible
- The Authorized Version of 1611
- The Effect of the A.V. 1611 King James Bible
- Inspiration
- Preservation

KJV Only:
All of our KJV minded customers can be proud of the fact that such a well designed, comprehensive, and in-depth study Bible has been arranged and developed by Publishers who uphold the preservation of the King James Bible as God's perfect word. As such, the Subject Bible is not available in any translation besides the KJV!

There are 2 main options for ordering.

The Package Option (978X000000012) includes:
1. KJV Subject Bible
2. Basic Bible Library CD-Rom: a Bible Software program by Power Publishing (the publisher of the Subject bible) featuring:
- powerful search features
- several popular bibles
- bible commentaries
- Word Studies linked to Strong's Numbers
- Topical Studies
and many other Concordances and Bible reference books that are not present in the Subject Bible itself. This CD-rom recruits the power of your computer to further your bible study even more and makes a great addition to the Subject Bible.
Now Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - 10!
It is NOT the same format as the Subject Bible and does not contain the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects.
3. "The Greatest Cause" DVD: a video that outlines the history of the English Bible. It gives background information about many of the men responsible for translating the bible into English, the struggles and hardships they faced, and how many of them even made the ultimate their lives as martyrs for the cause of Christ so that we could read the bible in our own language.
Price: $150.00

The Bible-Only Option (2350000030018) includes:
1. KJV Subject Bible: BIBLE ONLY
Price: $100.00

***Fits Deluxe Genuine Leather Bible Cover size L.

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Items 6 to 10 of 12 total

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very good - Review by Ralph

looking forward to buying a copy..... (Posted on 2/15/16)

Love Jesus/THE WORD - Review by Juana

I am just about to complete my order for this most amazing bible, and looking so forward to learning more about Gods spoken word! I am astonished with how much deception we are facing as Christians! Everywhere I turn I see exactly what John was talking about in the book of revelations!! I presently have no church where I feel safe enough to trust that they are following TRUE WORD OF GOD!! Even preachers I once listened to and believed with all my heart they were true I no longer trust!! The few churches I have visited are filled with some of the most wonderful loving people I've ever met in my life. But Satan's deception is extremely cunning and I have very little faith and trust in even the clergy here in my town! This is why I am so excited to receive my New study Bible. God bless you all... juana ❤️ (Posted on 8/5/17)

subject bible - Review by catina

i have been looking for a bible like this to use as a home bible reading and bible study tool cant wait to get this one (Posted on 7/4/14)

binding - Review by john

The Bible content is useful to say the least.
However, the binding had defects:
1 The paper glued to the backside of the front cover was partially unglued.
2 Some of the stitching on the front cover had parted.
3 There were blotches on the gold edges of the pages very noticeable when the Bible is closed. (Posted on 12/14/15)

Treasure the KJV believers should discover! - Review by Mike

Truely, I have been looking for a KJV bible that truely brings
a way to study the bible that brings better connectedness to taking in God's Word. The Bible only has one author and that is God and should be treated as God's preserved Word (KJV).
Section one has the KJV preserved as it should. Section two is a tool to bring your comprehension and understanding to what I believe is remarkable because the subjects are connected in so meaningful a way. I believe the orgainization truely has been deeply prayed about. This Bible is not just another Scholar's creative juices flowing, but truely led by the Holy Spirit. I pray that others will truely see section two as a way to study and meditate on God's words bringing not just knowledge but love for Jesus whom it all points to. (Posted on 10/30/14)

Items 6 to 10 of 12 total

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