A Seminary In You: How to Study the Bible

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Written as an introductory course on how to study the Bible, chapters include relevant subjects such as, Rightly Dividing the Word of God; Progressive Revelation; Purchasing a Bible; Marking a Bible; Typology; Prophecy; Numerology; The Law of First Mention and much more.

This book is written with the average person in mind and therefore uses plain, easy-to-understand language instead of big seminary words. The Holy Spirit of God is said to be our instructor and teacher of all truth - A Seminary in You is written with the idea that every Christian has a "seminary" in them and is capable of learning the Bible and growing as a Christian without any outside seminary education. With more than 20 years formal education including six degrees, Dr. Ben Pierce understand why most "how to study the Bible" books are over the heads of the average reader. Anyone can learn to study the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15) with a Seminary in You.


Biographical Note:

Dr. Pierce was raised on the mission field of Alaska, met his wife in East Russia, and has preached and pastored since he was 17 years old. Dr. Pierce's messages are usually in simple outline form, but preached with much unction and authority. He has traveled extensively in America and numerous other countries teaching and preaching revivals, youth conferences, camp meetings and other services.


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