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Author: David W. Daniels

You Can’t Read That Old King James! ...Or Can You?

The King James Bible is a true and direct translation from the original languages. But isn’t it too hard to read in the 21st century? Shouldn’t we have something easier? Why do we need a 17th century Book to tell us how to live our lives?

What if you found out it’s the one English Bible that deserves your complete trust? What if the translation method tells us stuff God wanted us to know —but that modern scholars left out?

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Did you know there are deeply emotional words in the Bible? Did you know that there is a rhythm to reading the King James, and it was made to be read out loud?

If generations of children were raised reading the King James, it shouldn’t be too hard for the rest of us! This book proves why you can read the King James English with a little effort and that it should be the only Bible that you need —and can completely trust.

Table of Contents:

Finally, an Everyman’s Bible

Until about 1600, most of the copies of the Bible were in the hands of the educated and scholars. No one Bible was commonly used by the general public. King James used his authority to commission a group of world-class scholars to make such a Bible. His authorized version was both written in a classic English worthy of the word of God, and simple enough for the plowboy to read and understand.

Part I – Is the King James Too Hard?

We learn new concepts every day. So, why do people complain that the King James is “too hard,” because it contains some less-common words?

Anything you don’t already know can seem hard

Reading the Bible isn’t anywhere near as difficult as studying for a degree or learning stonemasonry. All you need to do is give God your time and a little bit of effort.

Context Is The Key To Understanding God’s Words

Words have different meanings that are determined by context. And if you pay attention, you will generally be able to understand which meaning is correct in that context.

What About All that Punctuation?

The King James Bible is very clear about sentence structure. What we have is a simple way to understand what God said if we slow down, take our time, and pay attention to every word.

Rhythm and Cadence

If you have trouble reading a word or phrase quickly, take a breath, and read it more slowly. When you do, you’ll be able to hear it. When you hear it, it will add to your understanding. If you read modern versions, you will find that the Bible often loses this memorable cadence.

2nd Corinthians 6:11-13

The unusual language that is used here was specially chosen by the translators to convey exactly the same ideas Paul expressed in Greek. If you want accuracy, this is what Paul wrote. The King James Bible makes clear to us that Paul felt strong emotions. It doesn’t hide the emotional words under a layer of “scholarliness.” It really is “the people’s Bible.” God intended for common folk to grab hold of His holy words and have them affect them on a daily and very personal basis.

Part 2 – Why You Should Read the King James Bible

This is the only English Bible that is a true and reliable translation, that faithfully passes down God’s preserved words.

A True and Reliable Translation

The King James Bible was translated by men whose agenda was to give the exact English meaning of the Greek or Hebrew originals, without injecting their personal biases. Most other modern versions are not based on the reliable copies of the originals used for the KJV. They are the product of unreliable manuscripts containing man’s opinions.

A Faithfully Passed-Down Bible

If Jesus’ words shall not pass away, as He promised, then there must be some place where they can be found. Jesus did not want His truths to be secret, or hidden. He wanted them to be out in the open, for all to see.

The King James Bible Provides a Checklist

If the Ruler of the universe has given you the secret to happiness, joy and fulfillment in this life, and rewards and blessings in the next, wouldn’t you want to grab that Book and learn it, and live it, and be blessed? I would. And I do. And you can, too. Just be sure to have the RIGHT checklist.

Part 3 – The Superiority of the King James Bible

What has the King James Bible done for the world? It has changed lives. The more we have learned, the more reasons we have today to talk about the superiority of the King James Bible.

What has the King James Bible done for the world?

It Brought Me Conviction And Boldness

It Brought Me Doctrinal Clarity

It Rescued Me From The Confusion In Bible College And Seminary

Its Words Have Power.

Its History Shows That God Had A Plan.

Part 4 – Here’s How

A 30-Day Challenge

As the preceding chapters illustrate, the King James is not too hard to read. But it does take some practice to get started. I challenge you to read it out loud each day for 30 days.

The 5-Ribbon Plan

There are five easy sections to our Bible. If we read just a bit from each section every day, we will start learning about our God and what He wants us to know.

The Proverbs Reading Plan

Every month has no more than 31 days. Proverbs has 31 chapters. At any time, we can look at the calendar and see which day it is. Then we can grab that chapter of Proverbs and start reading. It’s that simple!


The King James Bible Companion


1. Hebrew Calendar

2. Hebrew Feast Days

3. Hebrew Time

4. Hebrew Weights

5. Biblical Money

6. Biblical Measures

a. Length

b. Dry Measure

c. Liquid Measure

The Bible’s Internal Timeline