Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

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Author: Jack McElroy

The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? is a new, entertaining and easy-to-read volume that delivers convincing answers to the most difficult objections posed by King James Bible critics.

Tough issues are explained like:

  • Why does God need only one Bible?
  • Where was the Bible before 1611?
  • What about the many "revisions" of the King James? (Hint: there was only one, though there were a number of editions of the Bible)
  • What about the so-called "30,000 differences" in King James editions?
  • What is inspiration, according to the Bible?
  • Do the originals matter?
  • Why the Lord didn't preserve the original autographs, which doctrines are affected by modern translations and lots more.
  • Three chapters deal with the important topic of Inspiration of Scripture––you'll learn what it is, what it isn't, what scholars used to say it was and what they say it is now.
  • You'll find out who changed the definition of inspiration and when they changed it. And more importantly, you'll discover why they changed it.
  • Why the Lord Jesus Christ would never use the ESV because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Matthew 1:7, 8, & 10.
  • Why the Lord wouldn't carry the NASB to church with him because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in John 7:8-10 and because of the way it refers to him in John 1:18.
  • Why the Lord couldn't use the NIV, ESV, or the NASB because of the known geography error (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Luke 4:44.
  • Why the Lord wouldn't bring the NKJV into church with him because of how it undermines the historical integrity of his words in English.

You can finally have peace of mind knowing in your heart you were right all along to believe in the King James Bible.

Contains new thoughts, information and explanations found nowhere else; Over 60 pictures, 56 charts, 278 footnotes; Index, Scripture Index, Bibliography

5 reasons why you'll benefit from reading this book

  • First: You'll learn how to convince the critics that the Lord Jesus Christ would unequivocally choose a King James Bible if he came to their church.
  • Second: You'll learn how to prove that the elite textual critics who assembled the underlying Greek text of almost all modern versions actually believe that the Lord made errors when He inspired the Bible in the first place.
  • Third: You'll learn how to present a new and unanswerable argument as to why the Lord wouldn't use the New King James Version because he'd end up competing with himself.
  • Fourth: You'll learn how to quickly and easily answer the constant and mostly insincere question of "Which edition of the King James Bible is the word of God?"
  • Finally: You'll learn how to "turn the tables" and put the critics on the defensive by asking the simple question "If the Lord Jesus came to your church, which Bible would He use?" It's a question the critics won't have an answer for because they don't have a Bible that they believe is inspired and inerrant. There are no NIV Onlyists, ESV Onlyists or NASB Onlyists out there. They don't have a Bible—You do.

Table of Contents:

  • Dedication
  • Foreword Dr. William P. Grady
  • Preface: Want to settle the "Bible Version Controversy" once and for all?
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Why the Lord is forced to choose only one Bible
  • Chapter 2: Two "dirty little secrets" of modern textual criticism
  • Chapter 3: Proof-Prominent textual scholars believe God made mistakes when he wrote the Bible
  • Chapter 4: Why the Lord didn't preserve the original autographs
  • Chapter 5: Why the Lord can't choose the King James Bible without looking foolish to scholars
  • Chapter 6: Did the Lord make a monumental, multigenerational error by allowing the King James Bible to be published in the first place?
  • Chapter 7: Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ isn't a loser after all
  • Chapter 8: Why can't the Lord choose the ©1982 New King James Version?
  • Chapter 9: Where was the Bible before 1611?
  • Chapter 10: Which edition of the King James Bible is "The Bible"?
  • Chapter 11: What about the tens of thousands of differences between the 1769 edition (or any edition today) and the 1611 first edition?
  • Chapter 12: What about the differences between King James Bibles printed by the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses?
  • Chapter 13: Why "Which Edition?" is (quite often) a trick question
  • Chapter 14: The real reason for the fake question
  • Chapter 15: Inspiration of Scripture—What it is and what it isn't
  • Chapter 16: Inspiration—What it was and what they say it is now
  • Chapter 17: Who changed the definition of inspiration, and when did they change it?
  • Chapter 18: Did the Lord preserve error instead of truth in the extant biblical manuscripts?
  • Chapter 19: How to spot a standard Bible
  • Chapter 20: The Revelation 16:5 controversy
  • Chapter 21: Which Bible should you use?
  • About the Author
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Scripture Index
  • Image Credits