Unique Words of the King James Bible

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This book is the result of several years of study of the Apostle Paul's ministry in the Acts of the Apostles, his epistles to the local churches of Asia Minor, Rome, individuals (Timothy, Titus, and Philemon), and indeed to the Body of Christ as a whole. Unique words of the King James Bible examines 199 words chosen by the KJB translators that quite often differentiate the ministry of Paul, the principle doctrines of access to God, adoption, dispensation, justification by faith, immortality, etc.

The reader will find that many of our English words originated with William Tyndale, the first to translate the Word of God into the English language from the original Hebrew and Greek, words such as immortal, readiness, and ungodliness within the scope of this work.

The reader will learn that the KJB translators themselves brought new words into the English language that the previous translator and translations did not have, words such as addicted, fidelity, novice, and thirty other words.

The reader will also discover that besides the prescribed previous Bibles, (the translators were to use Tyndale's, Coverdale's, Matthews, Great, Geneva and Bishop's), that they also used the Roman Catholic Rheims New Testament, as evidenced by words such as apprehend, emulation, and theatre, as well as nine others within the scope of this work.

This work is designed to serve as a reference book for the student of the Bible, primarily as a theological source, and secondarily as a historical reference of how some words came into the fabric of the English language we speak today.