The Pastor's Handbook (KJV)

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Designed to help clergymen "know what to say and how to say it," The Pastor's Handbook will meet the ongoing needs of the Christian minister for planning and executing the ministries of the church. Scripture readings, forms, ceremonies and instructions for special occasions all provide for the needs of Christian ministers in a concise and compact volume.

Includes information on how to conduct:
- worship service
- communion
- baptisms
- weddings
- funerals
- service of anointing for healing
- installation services
- church membership
- dedication of a baby or child
- consecration services for Christian workers
- ceremonies for buildings
- visitation

The Pastor's Handbook (KJV) seeks to offer options to suit the tastes of the pastor and congregation within the parameters of quality, beauty and dignity. To this end, numerous changes, both large and small, have been made--more selected Scriptures, new alternatives for special occasions, some significant additions and changes. At the same time, every effort has been made to keep the book concise and compact to maximize its usefulness. The formulas should be sufficient for the ordinary needs of the minister. They may be modified or supplemented by materials from the pastor's private collection or his own preparation.

Some who stress liberty in prayer and preaching dislike set forms, preferring spontaneity and a free style as they worship. If the spiritual vitality of a church is maintained there need be no fear that these forms will become lifeless rituals. The use of forms should never become merely formal. And if the use of forms adds beauty and dignity to the atmosphere of sacredness, who can object?

May the blessing of God attend all who glean from this manual, enabling it them to know what to say and how to say it. This is made also for allowing them to know what to do and how to do it especially as the occasion requires. Gratitude is expressed to many pastors and contributors for this volume.