SPLAT Sunday School Curriculum - 5th & 6th Grade - Spring Quarter

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Student Leaflets:
The SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Student Leaflets are the perfect tool for helping teachers facilitate their students’ active learning of the Bible.  Our SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Student Leaflets are designed specifically to accompany the SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade  Teacher Leaflets.  Order one per student.

Teacher Leaflets:
5th and 6th Graders thrive on relationships. The SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Teacher Leaflet bulleted format allows the teacher to be fully engaged with their students without being tied to a bulky teaching script.

Tell Cards:
Getting students to realize that what they learn is class is not meant to stay there can often be a difficult task. SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Tell Cards exist to help students learn to do just that by supplying students with the week’s memory verses and an activity to do at home.  Order one per student.

Help get your students involved and engaged in the Bible using the SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Visuals. Complete with board games, maps, Biblical illustrations, discussion starters and so much more, SPLAT 5th and 6th Grade Visuals are a must for all 5th and 6th Grade teachers.

Spring 2024 Quarter at a Glance


1. ESTHER INTERCEDES (Esther 8:1-17)

2. THE JEWS REJOICE (Esther 9:18-32)

3. TIME TO OBEY (Ezra 10:1-17)

4. PRAYER ZONE (Nehemiah 1:1—2:20)

5. BUILDING UNITY (Nehemiah 4:14-21)

6. AGAINST A WALL (Nehemiah 6) 

7. BIBLE BLUEPRINT (Nehemiah 8:1—9:4)

8. MASTER BUILDER (Nehemiah 9:5-38)

9. KINGDOM COME (Zechariah 12:2, 3, 8-10; 14:1-9)

10. LOVE STORY (Malachi 1:1-5)

11. ONLY MY BEST (Malachi 1:6-14)

12. GIVE YOUR ALL (Malachi 3:4-17) 


Theme: LIFE AFTER DEATH? (John 20:1-16)


1.  I need to be willing to pray for others.

2.  I need to thank God for the blessings He gives me.

3.  God uses my obedience.

4.  I need to pray and ask God for direction.

5.  I should work together with other church members to help my church.

6.  I will face opposition when I do God’s work. 

7.  The Bible tells me how to live for God. 

8.  I need to thank God for all He has done for me. 

9.  Christ will return for final judgment on sinners and set up His kingdom.

10.  God loves me even when I don’t show Him love. 

11.   I need to make sure that I give my best to God.

12.  I need to give of my time, money and efforts for the Lord.

13.  God is in control of time and events. 

Theme: I can have eternal life because Jesus is alive.

SPLAT (Share, Pray, Learn, Apply, Tell) Sunday School Curriculum is a Quarterly / 13 Week, Every Sunday Curriculum that offers a unique approach for teaching children Ages 2 through 6th Grade.

The SPLAT approach is based on three main goals, including:

1.) Present truths that transform.
2.) Connect students with the cross through life application.
3.) Produce abundant life in the hearts of students.

Each Leaflet, Teacher’s Guide, Tell Card, and Visual Aid set contains all 13 Weekly Lessons for the Quarter.

As with all Bogard Press Curriculum sold by The KJV Store, SPLAT uses only King James Version Scripture!

Click on the link below to view a Scope and Sequence PDF file that presents topics and schedules of upcoming quarters and semesters for all curriculum:

Scope and Sequence


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