No More Sea: A Treatise on the Cessation of Evil


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Author: David William Koster, D.D.

Ever since Cain slew his brother Abel it has been glaringly obvious that evil exists and that tribulations and adversity beset on every side. Likewise, I am sure, all have pondered the four questions below at some point in their lives:

1. Why does God allow the Devil to exist?
2. Why does man have to experience misery and tribulation?
3. Why do the wicked prosper?
4. If I am a good person, shouldn't I be exempt from tribulations and adversity?

This treatise delves into the reason why God allows the Devil to exist and why there is evil in this world. It examines the influence of Fallen Angels, Nephilim and demons have had in the affairs of man. It presents a plausible explanation of how the Devil creates his demon horde that he uses to plague mankind.  The book also details the spiritual parallels to the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. 

Evil will ever increase in this world and men continue to wax worse and worse. However the Bible clearly states that there is a day coming, where evil will no longer exist. The proof of this truth resides in the fact that in the new world to be, there will be NO MORE SEA.