KJV Standard Lesson Teachers Study Bible

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$45.00 - $54.00


The KJV Standard Lesson Teacher Study Bible is designed specifically for teachers and serious students alike. Great for Sunday school, adult Bible fellowships and small groups, this Bible contains a wealth of resources for virtually every Scripture passage on which a lesson would likely be based.

Features Include:
- KJV text Cross references
- 10 Point Large Print Font Size
- Black Letter Text
- In-text maps
- Bible book introductions
- A comprehensive timeline
- A daily Bible reading plan
- Study Notes compiled and selected from sixty years of the best-selling Standard Lesson Commentary content. Contributing scholars include ministers, professors and other experts in Bible exposition and Christian education.
- Enhanced Biblical Content Introductions.
- What to review before you teach
- Questions this book answers
- Questions for Discussion and Reflection
- Pronunciation Guide
- Concordance

Using the side-by-side text, Commentary to Bible notes, the Teacher's Study Bible expands, inspires and strengthens your Christian growth in the Scriptures.


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