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Technology has placed information at our fingertips, but our relationship with God needs to be one of the heart, not the smartphone. Get engaged with the Word of God in a refreshing and amazing new way! Memorize verses, chapters, and even whole books of the New Testament using the “Bible Memory Man” Prof. Tom Meyer’s powerful techniques that he learned while studying in Jerusalem, Israel. Having memorized 20 complete books of the Bible, Tom shares his helpful tips. Go deeper into Scripture and command a greater knowledge, insight, and understanding of God!

- Discover memorization techniques used throughout Jewish and Christian history as you unleash the true power of the spoken Word
- Develop a more intimate relationship with God when you memorize and meditate to keep Scripture in your heart
- Written by the instructor of the only accredited Bible memorization college course in America

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The Memorization Method
1. When utilizing this book, the memorizer is advised to deal with one verse at a time.
2. Write out the entire verse longhand in the same format this book uses and speak it while you write it. That way your mind, eye, hand, mouth, and ear are all working together in unison.
  a. While writing the verse in the provided format, you may notice that there are no more than eight words per line, called an eye’s glance by ancient memorizers. This essential brevity of each line allows you to retain the short series of words in your short-term memory.
  b. The number of words are indicated in each line’s right-hand column. These numbers function as a temporary memory crutch as you repeatedly write out each line of your verse. Once you have memorized the verse, you won’t need the reminder of numbered words in each phrase.
  c. Each line or phrase is arranged to start with a conjunction if possible. To neatly line up the ands, buts, etc. gives a sense of uniformity to the verse and makes it easier to memorize.
3. Write each verse over and over until you have it completely memorized. Speaking the verse aloud is the number one aid from antiquity and today for memory retention. You must orally repeat the memorized Word aloud over and over again to settle it deep into your heart.
4. Once you have memorized a verse, use the same technique to learn the next one. This book includes some suggested “starting points” in the appendices.