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The Cambridge Family Chronicle Bible has been designed and produced as a Bible to enjoy for generations. It combines the best typographic design with the highest standards of printing and bookbinding.  

The majestic text of the King James Bible is presented in a typesetting inspired by the legendary Baskerville Bible of 1763, and the words of Scripture are brought to life with over 200 engravings by 19th century illustrator Gustave Doré – painstakingly reproduced for this edition from the original printings.

Drawing on the glories of the past, but also looking to the future, this Bible incorporates a unique 14-page Family Chronicle Section, allowing owners to tell their family story to future generations and record up to six generations of family history in clearly laid out sections – a traditional practice in earlier eras.

The Bible is printed on paper selected for its strength and durability, and bound in a choice of Cloth Hardcover or superior Black Calfskin Leather. Each edition involves hand binding work, necessitated by its large traditional family bible size. The Calfskin Leather edition pays tribute to traditional bookbinding style, with ornate tooling on the covers and raised spine hubs, while the Cloth / Hardcover Edition has a contemporary look, with a dramatic metallic foil blocking.

The concept was developed, the illustrations scanned and adjusted, and the books designed and typeset by renowned typesetter 2K/Denmark. The Cambridge Family Chronicle Bible was typeset using Baskerville 1757 Pro adapted by Lars Bergquist in 2002.

An Inheritance:

The Cambridge Family Chronicle Bible is a Bible that has been carefully designed and produced with a clear purpose in mind, to endure.

All styles have been robustly crafted using a range of fine materials deliberately chosen for their strength and durability to allow the Bible to withstand generations of use within a family home.

"A Family Bible is designed to be handed down through a family, with each generation recording new information about the family’s births, deaths, marriages, and key events."

Calfskin Leather Edition:

Features a beautiful and timeless black calfskin leather binding with gold detailed blocking adorning the front cover. This is the Bible in its traditional form, presented in a lid and tray box that features one of Doré’s remarkable engravings.

A red spine panel emulates the original design of the 1763 Baskerville Bible, from which this edition draws its inspiration. The edition comes with two deep-red ribbons and gilt edges.

The endpapers showcase maps of the Bible world, produced especially for this edition, thereby providing additional insights into the locations and journeys mentioned in the text.

Inside the packaging, the edition comes complete with a brochure telling the story behind this Bible and its components, a warranty leaflet, and useful tools to assist the owner in completing the Family Chronicle section, including spare Family Chronicle sheets for practice and a helpful user guide.

Harcover Edition:

Bound in elegant and hardwearing buckram cloth, the cover features a stunning ‘fire and water’ detail from one of Doré’s woodcuts on both the front and back panels. The blue page edges complete the overall finish for a striking aesthetic and the book is supplemented with a blue ribbon to provide an easy way to find your place.

The endpapers of this edition feature enlarged versions of two of Doré’s impressive engravings, allowing the opportunity to fully appreciate the scale and detail of the works.

The volume is protected by an attractive blue and orange slipcase designed to complement the binding and includes a brochure telling the story behind this Bible and its components, as well as a user guide to assist the owner in completing the Family Chronicle.

- Featuring 221 reproductions of Gustav Doré’s beautiful woodcut illustrations originally made for the 1866 La Grande Bible de Tours.
- Extensive 14-page multi-generational Family Chronicle, providing ample space for six generations of family members
- Stunning cover art and exquisite tooling on Calfskin Leather edition
- Historic King James Version text
- Helpful chapter summaries
- Large print in classic Baskerville font
- Exquisite endpapers, unique to each binding style
- Fascinating colour guide to the Making of the Edition


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