Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? - A Teen Girl's Guide to Christian Living

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Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?, is a 12-chapter topical (KJV) Bible study book has been utilized by women who desire to be a spiritual influence; this includes Sunday school teachers, mothers, grandmothers, missionaries and youth ministry workers.

A twelve-chapter topical series developed for young women, this book can be used for individual and small group study, 7th-12th grade Sunday School Curriculum, or for mother/daughter Bible study. “What kind of fruit are you?” Quiz and group leader guidelines included.

Sin is very much like an unruly weed which creeps into a healthy garden. Its presence is initially unnoticed, but soon the damage becomes evident, its distortion unmistakable. Girls today have to watch out for the "weeds" which will surely entangle their testimony and affect their fruit - the outgrowth that is seen from a commitment made to follow Christ.