Holy War

Whitaker House


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Whitaker House
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Author: John Bunyan

Once upon a time, the residents of the town of Mansoul were tricked into defying their ruler, Shaddai. Their new ruler, Diabolus, brought them great harm. When Shaddai sends Prince Emmanuel, his son, to rescue them, a great battle is fought. Who will emerge victorious—Diabolus or Emmanuel? And what can the inhabitants of Mansoul do to resist the attacks of the evil one?

From the author of The Pilgrim's Progress comes a powerful allegory about the battle being fought for man's heart, mind, and spirit. Your soul is under attack from the forces of evil. Through this compelling read, you will learn how to build up your defenses, flood your moat, and prepare for victory in the war against Satan and the forces of darkness!

Table of Contents:
1. The Conquest
2. Mansoul's Rebellion
3. Commissioned by the King
4. The Captains' Invitation
5. Hindrances to Peace
6. The March of Prince Emmanuel
7. Proposals and Counterproposals
8. Storming the Gates
9. The Triumphant Entrance
10. Trial of the Diabolonians
11. New Appointments
12. The Silent Departure
13. A Diabolical Plot
14. Exposing the Darkness
15. The Army of Doubters
16. Nocturnal Maneuvers
17. Emmanuel's Message
18. The King of Glory
19. Prisoners of War
20. A Glimpse into Paradise