Her Story 2: A Study on Biblical Women (Volume 2)


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Author: Susanna L. Jordan

The pages of Scripture are overflowing with the accounts of women who were confident, headstrong, uncompromising, and at times, controversial. You may not think the word godly would fit with these definitions, but travel with me back in time and get the true account of some of the women who were just that. Read the accounts of women who gave their lives to the Lord faithfully and a few who were proudly wicked to the depths of their souls.

Let these women live again as we unveil the rich, cultural background in which they lived, and dig into the historical details of their time. Open your hearts to God's Word and learn lessons from the challenges they faced, the obstacles they overcame and the part they each had in God's plan. The lessons we can glean from their stories will amaze you - and occasionally shock you - but ultimately challenge you to be the woman God would have you to be.

The stories continue in Her Story 2: A Study on Biblical Women, an account of twenty women of the Bible. With questions at the end of each chapter, this book is ideal for individual or group Bible studies as well as small group discussions, book clubs or personal reading.

About the Author
Susanna Jordan grew up in a pastor's home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After graduating high school, she moved to Texas in 1985 to attend college, and then in 1988, she married her high school sweetheart, Keith. Together they have two children, Cody and Ryleigh. Keith and Susanna have served faithfully in their church throughout the years. Susanna focused on children's ministries, teaching Sunday School and leading Wednesday night programs. She also created a puppet ministry, writing scripts and crafting original character puppets, which was received with great success. Her ministry to women was an unexpected blessing when she was approached by her pastor's wife, Gwenda Summy, about teaching a women's Bible study, and began doing so in January of 2011. Susanna's mother, Linda Singletary, is also an author that has written several books, and Susanna began using those books as the curriculum for her Bible study classes. Then, true to God's faithful works, He used her mother's books to inspire Susanna, and she soon developed a passion to begin writing her own lessons, and Her Story: A Study on Biblical Women was born.


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