From Adam to Jesus

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New Leaf
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Enjoy this incredible full-color presentation of biblical history in two educational forms: First, an unforgettable timeline, and the Second, a hand-painted panorama, breathtaking in its detail, and now lost to time. You will be able to trace the genealogy of Jesus from creation to His birth, learning more about the biblical, historical events and the people of God’s Word.

Special illustrated panels include “The City of Jerusalem at the time of Christ” and the “Family Descent of Christ from Adam.” On the reverse there is a reproduction of the famous Piglhein Panorama of Jerusalem at the time of the Crucifixion. The massive panorama in Munich was destroyed by fire but a contemporary copy captures the magnificence of Piglhein’s work.

- Presents a biblical timeline enhanced with informative text and beautiful images
- Clarifies details and historical points for a new generation of readers
- Conveniently packaged for both easy display and secure storage!
- 13 ft. "Fold Out" Creation to Crucifixion Timeline and 13 ft. "Fold Out" Panorama of Jerusalem A.D. 33