Concealed From Christians For The Glory Of God: The 1611 KJV

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Author: G. John Rov

Christians everywhere are in the darkness of Deism regarding the Bible. Are you one of them?

Deism believes God brings forth, then shows indifference toward finishing. This book asks: At what stage did God take His Holy Spirit away from the finishing details of the Bible?

Did God gather the books and order them? Divide and number the chapters and verses? Translate a Bible, choosing its words down to the letters? Did God put Jesus’ words in red? The King James Bible self-answers “yes,” testifying to be the brought forth, finished Bible of God, seeded and raised up by the Father, the only begotten Bible in which He is well pleased.

At the first coming of “Jesus, the Word of God,” the condition of God’s people was “blindness in part is happened to Israel (Rom. 11:25),” and He was cast out. Nearing His second coming, has blindness in part happened to the church in the casting out of the “KJV, the word of God”? KJV prophecy says this is so! Can the outcome of this ever be good?

Beware! It is not God’s will to remove counterfeit Bibles but instead to preserve you from them! In this book, by grace through faith, you will be made strong in knowing and understanding the way of the Father in life in the raising of the Bible from the seed Hebrew Old Testament, to the growth of the Greek New Testament, unto the maturity in the English finished and perfected Bible, the King James Bible.

By the end of this book, there will be but one question remaining, “are you willing to bear the personal outcome in your life to believe?” Don’t seal your faith on the wrong side of this important divine matter since choices in time cannot be undone in eternity.

Note From Author:
Thank you for your interest in "Concealed From Christians For The Glory Of God, The 1611 KJV," but more so than that, for your willingness to consider more deeply the word of God. It was my sincere labor and now prayer that your spiritual eyes will be opened like never before, that you may put your full trust in the KJV as God's perfect word. We know that the true gospel and maturing in Christ can only be done from start to finish through faith and by believing on the perfect work of God. The Holy Bible is amongst this calling in our day like never before, as you will soon read. There will be a reward of the Father's pleasure for simply believing His finished Bible, beginning with rest in the here and now as to what He has said as His final word, and pleasure for evermore (Ps. 16:11).