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Alpha & Omega LIFEPAC Homeschool Curriculum (Overview)

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LIFEPAC is a full-color, consumable worktext homeschool curriculum with Bible-based content for grades K-12. Designed by a team of accomplished educators with years of classroom experience, LIFEPAC is based on the principle of mastery learning. Students master content in each unit worktext before progressing to the next. Ten LIFEPAC worktexts provide one full year of learning content per grade level; individual worktexts can also be used as supplemental material. In addition, you can mix and match subjects or grade level worktexts to personalize your student's curriculum content. Individual worktexts take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Your child will love this motivating homeschool curriculum which will give a sense of accomplishment as each worktext is completed. LIFEPAC worktexts include engaging lessons, activities, review questions, and tests. This best-selling homeschool curriculum offers five core subjects and a wide variety of electives. Scripture passages are integrated throughout worktexts to help students connect daily learning to biblical truth. Independent projects and activities help stimulate creativity and reinforce concepts. Parents can easily track progress with self-tests and teacher checkpoints.

LIFEPAC Bible is a Christ-centered, worktext curriculum for grades 1-12 with a developmental, in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. Utilizing the King James Version, the Bible curriculum covers a variety of biblical material to assist in the development of practical Christian living. The LIFEPAC Bible curriculum provides seven major themes, including theology, the attributes of God, biblical literature, biblical geography, Christian growth, Christian evidences, and a special emphasis for each grade level.

History & Geography
LIFEPAC History & Geography is a complete, Bible-based curriculum for grades 1-12. The goal of this diverse, interesting subject is to develop students' understanding of and appreciation for God's activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships. The LIFEPAC History & Geography worktext-based curriculum targets this goal by focusing on six major themes: Geography (World and American), History (World, History, and Religious History), Government and Citizenship, Economics, and Social Studies.

Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts, for grades K-12, targets the sequential development of communication skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Because LIFEPAC Language Arts is an integrated program, the elementary grades weave skill topics (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) together within units. In the middle and high school grades, skills are developed unit by unit. The major strands are detailed as follows: Reading (Vocabulary, Comprehension Skills, Literature Studies), Writing (Spelling, Penmanship, Grammar, Composition), Speaking and Listening, and Special Topics (Visual Media, History of the English Language, The Bible as Literature, Book Reports, and Study and Research Skills).

LIFEPAC Math is a comprehensive, fun-to-learn curriculum for grades K-12. Students will develop and build math skills through the use of various question formats, multiple exercise techniques, and fun learning games. This motivating math curriculum prepares students for using math successfully in real-life situations. Concepts are developed through grade levels to ensure mastery. The curriculum targets this goal by focusing on the major themes of number skills, geometry, algebra, data analysis, and probability.

LIFEPAC Science is an exciting, Christian-based curriculum for grades 1-12. Students focus on the development of observational skills as they study the physical universe God created. This program integrates hands-on experiment activities throughout lessons to emphasize science concepts. Grades 1-9 observe each area of science on an individual survey basis, usually unit by unit. Grades 10-12 focus on specific areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The four major strands are as follows: Life Science (Plants and Animals, Human Anatomy and Personal Care, Biology), Space and Earth Science (Geology, Weather, Space), Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics), Nature of Science (Scientific Method, Experimentation, Technology).

LIFEPAC offers a wide variety of elective courses to diversify students' studies. Mostly designed for middle and high school grades, these must-have courses are made to enrich LIFEPAC's core subjects. Here is a list of electives offered in the curriculum: Accounting (7-12), American Literature (7-12), Art (7-12), British Literature (7-12), Business Computer Information Systems (9-12), Civics (7-12), Computer Literacy (7-12), Consumer Math (7-12), Drawing Basics (3-8), Family & Consumer Science (7-12), Foundations for Living (9-12), Health Quest (4-7), High School Health (8-12), Select (7-12), Spanish I and II (9-12), and Speech: Essentials of Communication (9-12).

Click on the link below to view a Scope and Sequence PDF file that presents topics of upcoming quarters and semesters for all curricula:

LIFEPAC Scope and Sequence

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